Potty Training Days 1-4

Hello again from Potty Land!  I was almost fearful of congratulating little H too soon on his potty training.  However, we are now on to day 4 of no diapers except for nap time.  I can happily say that in the past two days (day 3 and day 4) we’ve had no pee accidents and only 1 you-know-what accident.  It was the first you-know-what that H has had since potty training commenced.  To be truthful, I was getting worried!  I could tell his poor little belly was hurting especially when he agreed to let Daddy finish his treat.  Major issue here!  I feel like we’ve pretty much mastered the whole pee pee in the potty thing!  Now, he has never said to me “Mommy, I need to go potty.”  However, he has not had accidents, and he will go when I ask him to try and use the potty.  I think that’s pretty good!  These are the expected times to take a “bathroom break…”

upon waking

after breakfast (about 30 to 40 minutes after)

before leaving the house for walks or errands or playdates

before lunch

before nap

after nap

before dinner

before tub 


Giving water to Mr. Elephant to help him demonstrate potty use 🙂


Checking out the festive decor!


Oh the excitement!


Yes, Mommy and Daddy went wacky and took tequila shots while potty training. Oh my…


Big Successes!


In an effort to prevent “cabin fever,” I painted my nails! Not a bad thing!


The extremely patient Daddy ~ Always a voice of reason and gosh darn persistence when I need it.


More stickers = Clean and Dry Happiness

Whew!  I know that we’ve got more goals to meet with this whole business like the whole you-know-what going in the potty and nighttime training, but I feel like we are on a good track.  So grateful that we didn’t give up or run away and join the circus which were two options up for consideration this past Saturday.  See my top five tips below…


Best of luck!



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