A Little Boy’s Room

I thought I’d share some pictures of our new home.  We’ve been living here for about a month and a half.  It is so crazy to type that!  It feels much longer than that but not in a bad way.  We’ve just become very comfortable here, and the teeny apartment on the seventh floor seems long ago.  When moving to this house, we knew that we would be almost doubling the square footage of our charming but small 3 bedroomish and 1 bath former home.  In order to fill this house, we would have to find some new furniture.  Fortunately, our families were very willing to let go of some items that took care of all the echoes we were having in our place.  The room that I love maybe the most is Holden’s room.  He always gets the dreamy rooms!  I loved his nursery so much at our old house.  Here are some pictures…Roscoe was my ever-willing assistant photographer.  



Carved animal collection

Carved animal collection


Artwork by moi from middle school


A mirror for a little boy

IMG_3163 IMG_3166 IMG_3167

My sister donated her childhood bed from my parents {aka “the pineapple bed”} to H’s big boy room.  Other pieces we added included a nautical boat picture from my parents, a mirror from Holden’s granny hung nice and low for those on the shorter side, a cute little ship lamp from his Moochie and Poppy, and a carved animal collection started by the Mr. added to by us jointly.  All in all, I did not buy one single thing for his room decoratively speaking.  Other items like the rug, bedspread, baskets were all “shopped” for H’s room from our piles of stuff as we moved in.  But…we did buy the mattress and are in the process of paying to have a Willie Crockett print framed after I totally botched a DIY framing job.  Once it is done up by the pros, it will go in the blank space over the bed.  It is a boat print that was gifted to us by a friend at our wedding.   I’m very pleased with how the room came out.  Best of all, it is a room that he will not grow out of quickly.  Lots of pieces that will last for many, many years.  I must admit that I find it hard to imagine him as a teenager in that bed, but I know it will work for him and be here before we know it!  Hope you enjoyed seeing where our little man lays his head.  Night night!

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