The Extra Mile

I admit that I do not have a large circle of friends, acquaintances, whatever you want to say.  I do have a few close friends, my family, and my work aka school family.  I treasure each of these circles of people.  When it comes to keeping close, that extra proverbial mile really makes a difference.  I love how my school family all comment on facebook pictures and keep people up to date with their daily lives.  I am very blessed to work with some of the most caring, supportive people around!  I just love seeing their comments on Holden’s pictures and look forward to seeing them all again on a relatively daily basis soon.  My close friends are a mix of college and young adulthood.  Unfortunately, I haven’t remained close with many high school friends.  Let me tell you why.  I didn’t understand “the extra mile” concept.  There have been times even with my closest friends where I’ve had to borderline stalk via social media, invite myself to visit them {which I know is so impolite}, or just rekindle a friendship that was sort-of dying out by asking “Are we having a friendship break-up?”.  And you know…it is work and that’s okay.  Just like marriage or any successful relationship with a significant other, a friendship needs tending.  It can be left totally alone without some water, weeding, etc. for months and months on end.  Truthfully, I didn’t do this with my childhood friendships.  I definitely regret this, but I now am much quicker to pick up phone, send a text, or schedule a time/date to get together.  Make the commitment.  Show up.  Return that call.  Basically, just connect with this other person who you care about.  Family is mostly easy to do.  There are the holiday dinners, birthdays, and just regular visits home.  Friends can get pushed by the wayside.  I know, I know…you have to prioritize and do the best you can in our busy lives.  I was so thankful to have a day to catch up with a friend who I haven’t seen in quite some time.  The bonus was that we got to spend that time at the beach while our little ones played.  I am hoping that we can do it again very soon.

Second Generation Friends

Second Generation Friends

Gone are the days of just one bag and a small cooler...beach toys for days!

Gone are the days of just one bag and a small cooler…beach toys for days!

029 031

My little beach boy

My little beach boy


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