Tired Tuesday

Happy Tuesday evening!  I’m thinking all my weekend fun has caught up to me!  We had a great time visiting friends and family on the Eastern Shore.  We had a wonderful beach day in Cape Charles, a relaxing Saturday hanging out at my sister’s lovely almost finished home, a date night{!}, church, and a two burger Sunday {I’m a fan of ground beef, so it’s all good with me!}.  The fun didn’t even stop on Monday.  We visited friends and were treated to a yummy lunch at one of my favorite restaurants.  The company was as great as the food.  I got my standard fare, a veggie sandwich with the wine country salad.  Apparently, I am transparently predictable as my sister stated my order before I could.  😉  Some pictures of our fun times…

IMG_3190 IMG_3194 IMG_3203


Didn't I say my sister has a great place!!!  Love this map in her living room.  Pinterest looks to be blowing up around there!

Didn’t I say my sister has a great place!!! Love this map in her living room. Pinterest looks to be blowing up around there!


IMG_3214 IMG_3215 IMG_3217 IMG_3221 IMG_3224 IMG_3226


IMG_3232 IMG_3234 IMG_3236 IMG_3238

Gotta love the not-so-picture-perfect last picture!  Speaking of not so perfect, our Monday was crazy!  We dropped in on an old friend {aka invited ourselves, H and I}, and poor little H had a major potty training mishap all over the brand spanking new bathroom.  I was mortified.  H was crying.  You-know-what seemed to get just about everywhere!  Thank goodness we were with an old friend who took it all in stride and graciously assured me that it was okay.  Yikes!  All of this makes me one tired turkey tonight.  I tried to get back on the workout wagon with an early morning workout, but I totally was dragging today.  I’m almost sure that it was mostly due to my lack of protein-rich eats today.  I’ve really been on a yuck-to-meat thing.  I can’t stand chicken (yes, I plan to make chicken one night this week), and I tend to pick other things to fill in my plate.  For instance, my Cherrios and milk breakfast with cranberries was just a silly idea after a 60 minute workout.  I was a starvin’ Marvin by 9!  The silliness continued with a snack of two graham cracker sheets…um, hello!  Not a lot to hold me over to lunch there!  And I’m totally aware of this and the ridiculousness of it.  To round out the day, I snack on chocolate cover banana chips…very random…and salted caramels.  You can bet I was definitely starving AGAIN by dinner.  What I can include from this food roll call is that I need to make some better choices!  And I know so much better than this!  Here’s to a better, more energetic day tomorrow.

Let’s see…

Breakfast – 1 egg, 1 piece of toast, cantaloupe

Snack – Greek yogurt 

Lunch – Baked Ziti (leftover) with a salad

Snack – almonds and cranberries

Dinner – to be decided…  (either Salmon Cakes or some Asian-inspired Chicken)

Hope your hump day is healthy!  I’m starting off with a dentist visit.  😦

When words are both true and kind, they can change the world.Buddha Please comment below.

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