A little obsessed…

Hi friends!  I’m busy savoring these last few days of summer.  We visited the beach today for a bit, ate ice cream, and washed my car.  I think those are all seasonably appropriate activities.  Right?!?!?!  All I’ve heard about this coming fall and winter is that it is going to be a doozey.  Yikes.  I did reach for a few fall favorites today which included the crock pot and a good book.  I cooked up the recipe below…  Now, crock pot recipes are not my favorite because they are the most delicious.  No, no that isn’t it.  It was yummy {not like out of this world, but still yummy}, and it cooked itself after a little prep by me and my sous chef.  

IMG_3737 IMG_3738

I also read for a ridiculously long time (aka all of nap time!).  I just finished the second book, Insurgent, in the Divergent series.  I highly recommend both books.  They are action-packed which I love with good character development in my opinion.  I never read novels, and now I remember why.  I become obsessed on finishing them as fast as possible much to the detriment of things like laundry, tidying up, etc.  I don’t have the third book.  I’d probably be reading instead of typing if I did!  HA!  Here is a link to the aptitude test that is used to help place people in the book into various factions.  See where you would end up in the futuristic world.  Guess what?  I’m divergent!  LOL!  I admit that I’m not too surprised!  

Unknown-1 UnknownA few more pictures of Mister Man for your viewing pleasure!

IMG_3708 IMG_3719 IMG_3735 IMG_3736




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