On Mountain Time

Last Friday, we packed up the car in the wee hours of the morning to head up to Massanutten, Virginia.  This was Holden’s first official vacation.  We’ve stayed in a hotel with him for a night when he was just a few months old, and we certainly travel a lot to see family.  However, this was the first “let’s go on a longish car ride, spend two nights away from all our familiar house stops, and try to have some fun!”  I confess that I was stressed about it.  I felt like I had a lot to do to prepare for the back to school week (which I’m currently in), and I also just worried that Holden would make it feel like not much of a vacation.  Well, I’m happy to report that things went smoother than anticipated.  It is helpful that I anticipate the worst, so it is highly likely that it will turn out better than I think.  😉  A vacation timeline follows…

IMG_3250 IMG_3252 IMG_3256 IMG_3257 IMG_3260 IMG_3265

We did a little over 3 mile hike in the Shenandoah National Forest.  It was beautiful but overcast.  I carried Holden some using the Ergo.  I have to say this was way more comfortable than I thought it would be, but he was still a heavy beast to hike up any kind of incline with.  He did hop out and walk for a bit.  Then, we encountered some rain and some more incline.  That ended that!  The Mr. hauled the little man most the way, and he agreed that the slight incline was enough to make you wish H had longer, more nimble legs and could walk it himself!  I guess all the riding wore him out.  We noticed he had fallen asleep about the time we got back to the car.  

IMG_3266 IMG_3269 IMG_3271 IMG_3276 IMG_3279 IMG_3281

We also took in Luray Caverns while we were up in the area. Holden looked around a bunch, but he definitely was in favor of the self-guided tour versus standing around and waiting for the tour guide’s info.  He picked out a blue rock (I have no idea what kind it is!) from the gift store and promptly tried to bang it on everything in sight!  We picnicked at the caverns.  Holden’s meme brought all the fixin’s for a nice lunch.  Unfortunately, the rain followed us again, and we had to eat quick!  

IMG_3286 IMG_3287

The gang all visited the Luray Exotic Zoo, and I admit that the snakes grossed me out.  Although I didn’t get a picture of them, I much preferred the primates playing outside.  Once again, we had rain!  We didn’t let it ruin our plans and just used hoods and had crazy hair from all the rain!  Holden was so excited about the snakes!  He kept running around saying, “This one will bite me!”  Not sure why the thought of a snake bite would make him smile so gleefully….

IMG_3290 IMG_3291 IMG_3292 IMG_3293 IMG_3294 IMG_3295 IMG_3296

We tried to go on another hike but…you guessed it!  The rain prevented that.  Holden, the Mr., and I stayed at the house.  We  made ourselves busy with a blanket fort, hide-and-go-seek, and a little stream exploration (once the rain stopped).  We had a great time in Massanutten, but I’m sure you can guess the real reason why.  We got to spend it with some pretty fun people who happen to play a mean game of Taboo.  

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