The Creation of Mr. Dave and A Saturday Out

Good morning!  We had another great weekend here.  I hope you did as well.

I started off Saturday morning with a gym visit.  However, I got a late start due to no one there to unlock the door!  You have not seen anger like that coming from people who got out of their comfy clothes to come into the gym at 7 AM on a Saturday.  I waited it out and got in about 7:20 when the brave souls showed up to unlock the door.  Then, Holden and I had a date at McDonald’s Garden Center with Moochie and Auntie Dee.  We met them there to do the CHKD Make-a-Scarecrow event.  We did this last year as well.  See that post here.  This is a great event.  All the scarecrow making supplies are donated, so your payment to participate goes straight to CHKD AND you get an awesome scarecrow to take home.  We did wise up this year and make only one {My mom and sister weren’t too keen on transporting a huge shedding scarecrow all the way back home.  They are two hours away}.  I also drove the Mr.’s truck which as much easier than smushing the big thing in my mom’s car like last year!  Straw everywhere!

IMG_3314 IMG_3315 IMG_3316

Holden {I think he did anyways.  It was a lot of confusion going on as he really just wanted to wander around stuffing his bag with straw.} named the scarecrow Mr. Dave.  He is currently in our front flower bed along with a beautiful mum given to us by a friend.  A great fall look!

IMG_0176IMG_0167 IMG_0174

This a recreation {sort of} of last year’s pumpkin picture.  What a difference a year can make!


Fall 2013

After our scarecrow making, we dropped off H with the Mr. and enjoyed lunch at Back Bay Gourmet.  I had the “Blue Ridge.”  It was a roasted portabella mushroom, Smokey Oregon Blue Cheese, arugula, tomato and zesty horseradish aioli on toasted ciabatta.  Very delicious!  I’ve been wanting a portabella mushroom sandwich, but the Mr. prefers meat.  I would highly recommend this restaurant.  People were oohing and ahhhing over the soup in the parking lot to us!  Telling us that we simply must get it!  After lunch, we did a few errands at the mall, and I got some threading done.  If you have not hair removal via threading, let me tell you.  Whoa!  Painful!  I started doing it when I was pregnant with Holden, because I didn’t want to use the hard chemicals on my upper lip (Yes, I have facial hair in that area.), and I now sometimes get it done on my eyebrows as well.  It is truly a beauty = pain thing though.


Image via Wikipedia – See info about it here.  

After all that stress {seriously, I was sweating!}, we enjoyed some frozen yogurt at Skinny Dip.  


When we arrived back at home, the Mr. informed us that Holden had been very upset!  He thought we were all going to hang out together!  Instead, he went off to the job site with Daddy to check on things, Home Depot to buy some trees we are using as a view blocker in our back yard, and to Chik-fil-a for lunch.  Even though all these boy things were fun, he asked several times for his Moochie.  So different from last year when we rode off to the mall and a winery after scarecrow making!  He was more than content to just hang with Daddy!  The little man is growing up, and he knows what he likes, his family!  I felt bad making plans without him, but it was so nice to catch up for a bit with my sister and mom without Mr. Man stealing the show with those handsome blue eyes and his inquisitive nature.  Here he is drowning his sorrows at Chik-fil-a.


Oh my word.  He is so precious to me.

I hope you had a wonderful fall Saturday.

Sunday Thoughts

“As I look to the needs of the children of today, I am convinced they need the same things from their mothers that I needed– and received– from mine.  They need… the gentle touch of a mother’s hands, her focus and attention on a daily basis, a champion & a cheerleader, someone who has the time and energy to give encouragement along life’s way and comfort in dark times.  They need a directive voice to show them how to live.  …Meeting these needs is not an option or a sideline for mothers, but part of [God’s] design.” – Sally Clarkson, Mission of Motherhood


Happy First Day of Fall!

Can you believe it?!?!?  It is officially no longer ridiculous to crave sweaters, pumpkin stuff, a nip in the air, or boots!  I saw this fun Halloween bucket list on Pinterest and thought I’d share.


Find original here.  Good stuff right!

I baked up some pumpkin bars…


Courtesy of Taralynn.  I think they are great!  And healthy!  I sent some with the Mr. to his coworkers and to H’s daycare ladies with this little sweet fall card.


This cutie was a FREE printable!  See here.  

Have a great first fall day!

Jekyll and Hyde

As I drove {maybe a bit too quickly} to pick up H this past Friday, I felt my work week persona fall away {we’ll name it Hyde} and felt weekend me fall into place {Dr. Jekyll}.  I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this past weekend.  No, I didn’t get a massage, an awesome hair cut, or even sleep in a bit.  I did, however, spend a lot of time at home, had good conversations with a friend or two {phone and in person}, cook a lot, and just plain spent time with my guys {big, small, and furry}.  I *try* to not let the work week get the best of me, and sometimes I do okay.  But boy…I can really show a weekend who’s boss!

IMG_0152 IMG_0154

I started off Saturday with a gym trip and saw this little fall leaf.

IMG_0158 IMG_0157 IMG_0156 IMG_0155

We worked on Holden’s play set a lot Friday night, and the Mr. finished it off on Saturday morning.  We were hoping to have Holden’s friend who is just a few houses down from us come over and play.  He was already off enjoying the Blue Angles who are in town for the air show.  By the way, church service was interrupted no less than 5 times for the noise from the air show.  Only in Virginia Beach.

IMG_0164 IMG_0160

A whole lot of laundry was done…slight craftiness happened.

IMG_0161 IMG_0162 IMG_0163

We went out to dinner at El Taco Loco {but first let’s take a group selfie!}.  This was a Groupon dinner, but I {like a dummy} ordered a veggie burrito that was not so hot.  The Mr. and H enjoyed their dinner though.  Holden wolfed down a bean quesadilla, lots of chips, Spanish rice, and dulce de leche for dessert.  Good grief.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend as well!  Thank goodness we’ve passed the Monday mark!

5 for Friday

Hello!!!!  I’m linking up with some lovely ladies to share my favorite things about this Friday.  Click on image to visit!



I’m so excited to be on the last day of the school week.  It has been another challenging one.  Where is the routine days school year 2014?!?!?!?  I’ve got lots of plans to keep busy with this weekend, but I’m just looking forward to NO HOMEWORK FOR ME!  Yes, you read that right.  I *think* I will be bringing home not one thing buy myself!  For a teacher, this is a red letter day!


Photo via Pinterest – Oh so true.


I shared with you that we’ve been working on Holden’s play set a little this week.  Actually, it has mostly been the Mr.  That’s okay!  I’ve been doing other crucial stuff to ensure he can take care of this fun stuff.  Well, now the pressure is on.  We invited a friend over to play Saturday morning, but…the roof is still off.  The swing arm isn’t attached.  Basically, we are not at the “play” point.  So…tonight (most likely tomorrow) we’ll be doing what procrastinators do and slapping that mess together quick!  Holden is so excited for his friend to come visit.  His friend’s mom is a teacher as well.  She started with a new school division in a classroom position with a 5 month old.  Yikes!  I can’t even complain one bit around her.  She’s been doing the amazing which I’m in awe of a.k.a. two kids up and out the door not just one.  This is what we hope the boys can play on Saturday morning…


Link here.  P.S.  I think I’d go crazy with that many kids in my backyard.  #justsayin


I’m excited to change up some organizational things this weekend.  I’ve been reading {when there is time!} this book…


Amazon link here.

I have really enjoyed it so far.  One point that it mentioned was keeping books, toys, and craft supplies organized to make more out of these activities.  Although this was not a HUGE point in the book, it really hit home with me. We are not super disorganized, but…there is definitely room for improvement.  Really it was more about setting up a good stage for the child to work towards independence in some of these activities.  A suggestion was to build a reading nook to encourage reading for pleasure.  I pinned some reading nook ideas pieces on my Pinterest board.  

I liked the sun and cloud pillows from Ikea for only 5.99 plus shipping.  These would make nice floor pillows for a reading nook in our office.  I’m still thinking the idea through and am not exactly sure how I’m going to work it.

8de0dbf355dea847d52e6a30edd06995 8d30dbb4a34002c8f1949c46ebb857a5


I noticed this week that I’m running out of my Physicians Formula Organic Wear CC Cream.  Say what!  I love this stuff, but it does not exist at your local drug store or Wal-Mart.  If your looking from something organic and natural that is sheer with just some coverage, order some from  I use a powder on top of this.



 Spending time with this guy during an oil change/state inspection!  Isn’t that the weirdest thing to look forward to?!?!?  I have to be there lickety split after school today, and I’m just going to barely squeeze in time to pick him up.  Then, we are going to park ourselves in the waiting room and probably annoy everyone present by chatting it up.  Score!

photo 1

We’ve been too busy this week, and I need to catch up with this one.  Have a happy Friday!

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for…

my health


free Teacher Pay Teacher downloads

wet little boy kisses

hair long enough to put up and out of my face{!}


being outdoors {even if it meant cutting grass today}

family and friends

inspiring people

being able to witness gratitude in others

hot showers

early and peaceful mornings.

Happy Thursday eve, friends!


Teaching Tuesday and Our Weekend What Nots

Hi there!  Wow!  Already Tuesday of this week!  Time flies when you are having fun, I guess.  Monday was way crazy for me!  I think this will be the theme of the year (again!) due to word study.  For those of you who are not in the teaching world, word study is the new spelling.  Sort of gray is the new black…you know…something like that???  Any-who, we introduce words to each group (by the way there are 4 different spelling aka word study groups in one of the classrooms I work in.  I take two, and the general education teacher takes two.  And…we somehow manage to get it all done.  I get to work very closely with general education teachers in two grade levels with sweet {mostly} but demanding kids.  This can sometimes result in a “to do” list that never gets checked off completely, more than a little after hours work, and an occasional mental meltdown which I graciously try to hide from the little people at least.  Even though it is quite crazy, I had a conversation with a student today that just reinforced how important it is for us {those school people} to care for, love, and strive forwards to progress each and every day.  I know I do {as I’m sure you may as well} forget that not every child is highly prized as mine.  There are kids in each classroom who don’t get that help with homework, some after school conversation, or lots of snuggles and books before bed.  Don’t even get me started about no regular family meals or help with homework.  The bottom line is this…some kids are really going through a struggle that has nothing to do with spelling, multiplication, or playground etiquette.  If you know a kid and suspect that he or she may need a little extra love or support, please give it to him or her when you are able.  I know that I sometimes lose sight of this in the paperwork, the reading levels, and just plain old lesson planning.  Allrighty, getting off my soapbox!

In other news…some healthy eats lately…by the way I’m eating a homemade extra chocolate brownie with milk as I post this.  Hypocritical…perhaps.

photo 1 photo 2

Pictures from our weekend project…a play set!  Holden’s grandparents spoiled him big time with a clubhouse style set.  Very swanky!

IMG_8707 IMG_8594 IMG_7897

Playing with the feather boa at AC Moore!  I picked up some items (pre made bow and berry doo dads) to refurbish an old grapevine wreath for just five dollars and some change.  By the way, the kid painted {and I mean painted!} his belly blue at preschool today.  What the world!  I hope it was a wonderfully awesome picture unless he was doing abstract art on his shirt.

photo 4

We did lots of relaxing on Saturday but also squeezed in a delicious lunch/play time.  Our church turned 325 years old this past weekend.  We joined in the BBQ/Oyster Roast celebration.  Best of all, there was a bounce house.  Holden’s day = made.

photo 3

photo 1 photo 2

Apparently, he loves pickles.  He also loves olives.  He likes the savory and sweet.  Boy is a chocolate lover like none other.  Notice the pickle juice running down the arm.  Yikes!

I hope you had a great Tuesday!  Don’t forget to encourage a kid in your life or maybe even seek out a kid encouraging opportunity.  Don’t be jealous I get to hang out with kids who don’t believe it when I tell them I was a nerdy student years ago.  Flattery will get them everywhere or at least perhaps an extra bathroom break.  😉