Fall Mantle Reveal

Happy Monday Friends!  I finally dug out the fall decorations this past weekend.  They made the move and were just waiting for some cooler weather to come out.  Although I like to decorate sort-of early for holidays, I just couldn’t bring myself to put up fall leaves when the temps were in the upper 90’s.  Thankfully, we’ve cooled down to highs in the 70’s.  Much better and now…the decorations are out.  I don’t plaster every square inch of my house in seasonal decor (not that I wouldn’t if I had more storage, time, and a seasonal decor budget), but I’ve grown quite content with the items that I have.  I like to mix up the way I display them every year.  It was especially easy this year as we are in a completely new house.  I focused mainly on our mantle in the dining room.  We spend a lot of time in here with almost every meal on the weekend enjoyed in this room together.  Weekdays-we eat breakfast and dinner together every night.  I’m a stickler for family meals.  So it only makes sense that this room needs the most “fall” going on in it.

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

Simple…but I think it’s sweet.  I didn’t purchase anything new.  I usually put the wreath on the front door, but I’m recycling a grapevine one.  I just need to get to the craft store for some accessories for it.  In other news, I took these pics below of some funny/special moments from the weekend.  My plan for tomorrow is to share the play set project that quickly showed how poor my visual perceptual skills are.  Enjoy these skillful shots!  😉

photo 5Roscoe looking out the window as I headed off to the early church service Sunday morning.  He was literally crying.  Seriously, this dog loves me more each day.  It is off the chain.

photo 1

A picture through the crack in the door…Here’s the daddy doing the story time/bedtime ritual.  I unpacked all the “seasonal” books over the weekend.  This is what happens when you have a mom who used to teach lower grades.  Lots of seasonal/holiday books!  I love it.

Hope you had a great Monday!

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