Teaching Tuesday and Our Weekend What Nots

Hi there!  Wow!  Already Tuesday of this week!  Time flies when you are having fun, I guess.  Monday was way crazy for me!  I think this will be the theme of the year (again!) due to word study.  For those of you who are not in the teaching world, word study is the new spelling.  Sort of gray is the new black…you know…something like that???  Any-who, we introduce words to each group (by the way there are 4 different spelling aka word study groups in one of the classrooms I work in.  I take two, and the general education teacher takes two.  And…we somehow manage to get it all done.  I get to work very closely with general education teachers in two grade levels with sweet {mostly} but demanding kids.  This can sometimes result in a “to do” list that never gets checked off completely, more than a little after hours work, and an occasional mental meltdown which I graciously try to hide from the little people at least.  Even though it is quite crazy, I had a conversation with a student today that just reinforced how important it is for us {those school people} to care for, love, and strive forwards to progress each and every day.  I know I do {as I’m sure you may as well} forget that not every child is highly prized as mine.  There are kids in each classroom who don’t get that help with homework, some after school conversation, or lots of snuggles and books before bed.  Don’t even get me started about no regular family meals or help with homework.  The bottom line is this…some kids are really going through a struggle that has nothing to do with spelling, multiplication, or playground etiquette.  If you know a kid and suspect that he or she may need a little extra love or support, please give it to him or her when you are able.  I know that I sometimes lose sight of this in the paperwork, the reading levels, and just plain old lesson planning.  Allrighty, getting off my soapbox!

In other news…some healthy eats lately…by the way I’m eating a homemade extra chocolate brownie with milk as I post this.  Hypocritical…perhaps.

photo 1 photo 2

Pictures from our weekend project…a play set!  Holden’s grandparents spoiled him big time with a clubhouse style set.  Very swanky!

IMG_8707 IMG_8594 IMG_7897

Playing with the feather boa at AC Moore!  I picked up some items (pre made bow and berry doo dads) to refurbish an old grapevine wreath for just five dollars and some change.  By the way, the kid painted {and I mean painted!} his belly blue at preschool today.  What the world!  I hope it was a wonderfully awesome picture unless he was doing abstract art on his shirt.

photo 4

We did lots of relaxing on Saturday but also squeezed in a delicious lunch/play time.  Our church turned 325 years old this past weekend.  We joined in the BBQ/Oyster Roast celebration.  Best of all, there was a bounce house.  Holden’s day = made.

photo 3

photo 1 photo 2

Apparently, he loves pickles.  He also loves olives.  He likes the savory and sweet.  Boy is a chocolate lover like none other.  Notice the pickle juice running down the arm.  Yikes!

I hope you had a great Tuesday!  Don’t forget to encourage a kid in your life or maybe even seek out a kid encouraging opportunity.  Don’t be jealous I get to hang out with kids who don’t believe it when I tell them I was a nerdy student years ago.  Flattery will get them everywhere or at least perhaps an extra bathroom break.  😉

When words are both true and kind, they can change the world.Buddha Please comment below.

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