5 for Friday

Hello!!!!  I’m linking up with some lovely ladies to share my favorite things about this Friday.  Click on image to visit!



I’m so excited to be on the last day of the school week.  It has been another challenging one.  Where is the routine days school year 2014?!?!?!?  I’ve got lots of plans to keep busy with this weekend, but I’m just looking forward to NO HOMEWORK FOR ME!  Yes, you read that right.  I *think* I will be bringing home not one thing buy myself!  For a teacher, this is a red letter day!


Photo via Pinterest – Oh so true.


I shared with you that we’ve been working on Holden’s play set a little this week.  Actually, it has mostly been the Mr.  That’s okay!  I’ve been doing other crucial stuff to ensure he can take care of this fun stuff.  Well, now the pressure is on.  We invited a friend over to play Saturday morning, but…the roof is still off.  The swing arm isn’t attached.  Basically, we are not at the “play” point.  So…tonight (most likely tomorrow) we’ll be doing what procrastinators do and slapping that mess together quick!  Holden is so excited for his friend to come visit.  His friend’s mom is a teacher as well.  She started with a new school division in a classroom position with a 5 month old.  Yikes!  I can’t even complain one bit around her.  She’s been doing the amazing which I’m in awe of a.k.a. two kids up and out the door not just one.  This is what we hope the boys can play on Saturday morning…


Link here.  P.S.  I think I’d go crazy with that many kids in my backyard.  #justsayin


I’m excited to change up some organizational things this weekend.  I’ve been reading {when there is time!} this book…


Amazon link here.

I have really enjoyed it so far.  One point that it mentioned was keeping books, toys, and craft supplies organized to make more out of these activities.  Although this was not a HUGE point in the book, it really hit home with me. We are not super disorganized, but…there is definitely room for improvement.  Really it was more about setting up a good stage for the child to work towards independence in some of these activities.  A suggestion was to build a reading nook to encourage reading for pleasure.  I pinned some reading nook ideas pieces on my Pinterest board.  

I liked the sun and cloud pillows from Ikea for only 5.99 plus shipping.  These would make nice floor pillows for a reading nook in our office.  I’m still thinking the idea through and am not exactly sure how I’m going to work it.

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I noticed this week that I’m running out of my Physicians Formula Organic Wear CC Cream.  Say what!  I love this stuff, but it does not exist at your local drug store or Wal-Mart.  If your looking from something organic and natural that is sheer with just some coverage, order some from drugstore.com.  I use a powder on top of this.



 Spending time with this guy during an oil change/state inspection!  Isn’t that the weirdest thing to look forward to?!?!?  I have to be there lickety split after school today, and I’m just going to barely squeeze in time to pick him up.  Then, we are going to park ourselves in the waiting room and probably annoy everyone present by chatting it up.  Score!

photo 1

We’ve been too busy this week, and I need to catch up with this one.  Have a happy Friday!

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