The Creation of Mr. Dave and A Saturday Out

Good morning!  We had another great weekend here.  I hope you did as well.

I started off Saturday morning with a gym visit.  However, I got a late start due to no one there to unlock the door!  You have not seen anger like that coming from people who got out of their comfy clothes to come into the gym at 7 AM on a Saturday.  I waited it out and got in about 7:20 when the brave souls showed up to unlock the door.  Then, Holden and I had a date at McDonald’s Garden Center with Moochie and Auntie Dee.  We met them there to do the CHKD Make-a-Scarecrow event.  We did this last year as well.  See that post here.  This is a great event.  All the scarecrow making supplies are donated, so your payment to participate goes straight to CHKD AND you get an awesome scarecrow to take home.  We did wise up this year and make only one {My mom and sister weren’t too keen on transporting a huge shedding scarecrow all the way back home.  They are two hours away}.  I also drove the Mr.’s truck which as much easier than smushing the big thing in my mom’s car like last year!  Straw everywhere!

IMG_3314 IMG_3315 IMG_3316

Holden {I think he did anyways.  It was a lot of confusion going on as he really just wanted to wander around stuffing his bag with straw.} named the scarecrow Mr. Dave.  He is currently in our front flower bed along with a beautiful mum given to us by a friend.  A great fall look!

IMG_0176IMG_0167 IMG_0174

This a recreation {sort of} of last year’s pumpkin picture.  What a difference a year can make!


Fall 2013

After our scarecrow making, we dropped off H with the Mr. and enjoyed lunch at Back Bay Gourmet.  I had the “Blue Ridge.”  It was a roasted portabella mushroom, Smokey Oregon Blue Cheese, arugula, tomato and zesty horseradish aioli on toasted ciabatta.  Very delicious!  I’ve been wanting a portabella mushroom sandwich, but the Mr. prefers meat.  I would highly recommend this restaurant.  People were oohing and ahhhing over the soup in the parking lot to us!  Telling us that we simply must get it!  After lunch, we did a few errands at the mall, and I got some threading done.  If you have not hair removal via threading, let me tell you.  Whoa!  Painful!  I started doing it when I was pregnant with Holden, because I didn’t want to use the hard chemicals on my upper lip (Yes, I have facial hair in that area.), and I now sometimes get it done on my eyebrows as well.  It is truly a beauty = pain thing though.


Image via Wikipedia – See info about it here.  

After all that stress {seriously, I was sweating!}, we enjoyed some frozen yogurt at Skinny Dip.  


When we arrived back at home, the Mr. informed us that Holden had been very upset!  He thought we were all going to hang out together!  Instead, he went off to the job site with Daddy to check on things, Home Depot to buy some trees we are using as a view blocker in our back yard, and to Chik-fil-a for lunch.  Even though all these boy things were fun, he asked several times for his Moochie.  So different from last year when we rode off to the mall and a winery after scarecrow making!  He was more than content to just hang with Daddy!  The little man is growing up, and he knows what he likes, his family!  I felt bad making plans without him, but it was so nice to catch up for a bit with my sister and mom without Mr. Man stealing the show with those handsome blue eyes and his inquisitive nature.  Here he is drowning his sorrows at Chik-fil-a.


Oh my word.  He is so precious to me.

I hope you had a wonderful fall Saturday.

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