Groupon to the Rescue!

Happy Hump Day!

Today totally felt like a Monday to me since we had the inservice Election Day without kids.  I’m still in shock from my Teacher of the Year recognition yesterday.  Tomorrow is the big day when I’m going to park in the TOY spot.  A parking space right up front for me!

Since it is Wednesday, I’m quickly finalizing our weekend plans.  If you know me, you know I love to cram in as much as I can in a weekend.  Hopefully more fun than work like cleaning and what not.

Holden is looking forward to his Granny visiting Friday afternoon.  He hasn’t seen her for several weeks after he big trip to Australia, and we’ve been talking about how many days are left until Friday A LOT.  Here he is “talking on the phone” many moments ago.


A little blurry but you get the point.

Saturday morning, we are off to JC Penney photography studio for some family pictures.  Groupon had a great coupon for this, and I plan to use one or some of these pictures in our Christmas card.  I do prefer outdoors pictures, but a deal is a deal.  We had great family pictures taken with my side last fall.

1395293_252939858189310_471206304_n 1451480_252940851522544_1204647729_n 1394235_588939649194_5540524_n

I couldn’t validate paying for professional pictures this fall when the most expensive season of the year is on its way.  However, we make exceptions for a good price.  Here are some pose ideas…




(source from pinterest was not found) – A little to cutsie for us but still a sweet Christmas photo op.


source – This would be nice with H down in front of us.



As far as outfits are concerned, I’m totally undecided.  I got Holden this sweater below from Target that he could wear with khakis and a white button up shirt underneath.  He also has a navy zip up sweater or just a white button up option.  Then, there’s also a red, white, blue check print shirt.  He’s a fashion icon.  I’m not sure what color to wear myself!  I think tomorrow night may involve some closet exploration.


link here

I like the color scheme in this family photo…



I can hardly believe we are heading into our third holiday season with little man.  It gets to be more fun each year.


I believe this picture is from Summer 2013.

IMG_1417 IMG_1808 IMG_1947

Just a few more from the archives!  I love looking at old pictures!  Don’t you!?!?


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