A Full Day

I don’t know what it was, but I was pretty much ready to start the day at 3AM.  I dozed and tried to relax, but I’m pretty sure my eyes didn’t close after 5AM.  I think I was just hyped up for our family pictures and my first longish run.  Does 4.2 miles count as long?  Nowadays, I think it does.  After 2 (yes 2 cups enjoyed leisurely!), I sent Holden outside with the Mr. and H’s Granny.  Then,  I trotted off in my new faux Lululemon running pants (courtesy of Old Navy) and brightly colored socks (courtesy of Ross) for an untimed run.  I saw lots of fall colors on my run today which I would definitely have missed if I had hopped out of bed and ran as soon as I was awake.




Old Navy – currently $27

I like not timing myself sometimes.  Sometimes, it’s nice just to run because you can.  Not to beat a previous time.  I’m competitive {even with myself} and will try to improve or hold steady with a previous run time.  You can see from the picture below that there were many assorted home tasks that I could have stayed in all warm and cozy and taken care of.


Hot Mess!  – This is admittedly all my mess too.

But…it was so nice to enjoy the outdoors and work on building up my running stamina again.  Plus, I felt quite like a pro in my new pants, socks, AND iPod.  My 9 year old iPod bit the bullet.  My mom so nicely agreed to do a little bartering, and I now have a brand-new (well, 1 year old but never used!) iPod for my runs.  I just need to purchase a new armband.  IMG_0357

Check out the oldie and newbie!  The original was a Christmas gift from the Mr. before he was the Mr.  After my run, we got all fancy and headed to JC Penney’s photography studio for pictures.  I can’t wait to share them, but the CD and print won’t be ready until November 16.  Delayed gratification!

Since the Mr. and H had been tortured! by the photographer, I agreed to soothe their battle scars with lunch at Panera.  Grocery shopping had to happen today, so I bribed myself by visiting Hobby Lobby (INSANELY full of people) and checking out the new Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market just around the corner from our house.  Wow.  I think I may be back in love with Wal-Mart again.  Lots of organic options, great location, and Wal-Mart prices.  Very nice.  Plus, there was hardly anyone in there.  They must have all been at Hobby Lobby!  Ha!

IMG_0352 IMG_0353

I hope you had a great Saturday!  I think my early wake up is catching up with me.  Is it dinner/bedtime yet?!?!


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