Let Me Just Rant…

Happy Almost Christmas!  I (yes, the public employee whose perk is SUPPOSED to be holiday time off) worked today and must show up tomorrow as well.  I’m so over it.  I’m a TEACHER for goodness sakes!  We are supposed to be off now and basking in the glory of winter break.  What. Is. This. Work.  On. The. 23rd!  To make matters worse, the husband and child have already departed for fun Christmas stuff.  Aka…anything is fun that does not require participation in any more Christmas “activities” or worksheets.  Seriously, scrubbing my sister’s toilet for her Xmas party would be welcome versus sitting on the boiling pot that is 3rd and 4th graders ready for a break.  That will be tomorrow’s fun.

In other news, my gym closed without significant warning BEFORE the new branch opened.  I mean, this new one is supposed to be great.  Is it open today?  No.  Therefore, it sucks.  After traveling during rush hour to southern Virginia Beach, I witnessed the hot mess of the southern branch which also was full of grunting men and blender bottles.  I like my 5 AM oldies but goodies.  I guess it is all what you get used to.  I just don’t like having my comfort zone moved!

Therefore, no workout for me.  😦  Instead, I went to the mall.  #winningidea  I did get The Aviator’s Wife and the latest copy of Women’s Health for Xmas break perusal.  I’m totally avoiding packing by planning my morning workout.  Have you ever done a Pinterest-inspired workout?

This is what I found for tomorrow…

66b6d52948a5db62d88a6f5e89bbd702 d72f8e78f8da327af486b97e0192804e

All courtesy of Pinterest!

My plan is to combine this with about 30 minutes stretching and strength.

I’m looking forward to seeing family, but I must admit that I’m not looking forward to those uncomfortable moments after overindulging at a holiday meal.  Here’s to remembering leftovers are good and a good idea!  I’m planning on making this in a Christmas tree shape for Christmas Day dinner!  Wish me luck now!


I’m *probably* going to need it!

Have a great Christmas Eve Eve!


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