A Successful Surprise

Today is the last day of my winter break that started on December 23.  Holden has been on a “daycare break” since December 19.  Needless to say, tomorrow at about 6AM we will all be a little sad and probably a lot frazzled.  We ended our break with a fantastic surprise 30th birthday party for the Mr.  I’m happy to report he didn’t have an inkling, not a clue, nada!  It was great.

Holden and I shooed him away to go  hunting on Friday night as he had planned.  Then, the packing and list checking went into action.  We rose and shone Saturday morning and headed off for the Eastern Shore.  After a grocery store stop and a momentary inner meltdown and the party supply store {due to 30 balloons having to be shoved in the rental car}, we were off.  I can’t tell you how ridiculous we looked or how upset Roscoe the dog was to have to share his seat with this floating weird things.

IMG_0802 IMG_0803 IMG_0804

We drove straight to my parents’ house and played around for a bit before lunch, tubbie, and a nap.  Then, I got all fixed up and headed down to the Mr.’s dad and stepmom’s house to set up for the party.  Their house has lots of great space for entertaining.  I put my mom and the Mr.’s mom to work on some ham sandwiches {aka the only item that had a recipe – yay for semi homemade parties!}, and I attached some pictures to the balloon ribbons.  I also had a photo album and a book for guests to write a message to the birthday boy.  All in all, I thought {and I think others did too} that it was a great time!  Totally worth the behind-the-scences plotting and planing to get one over on my husband and let him know how thrilled we all are that he is in our life, an official grown-up at 30 years old!

IMG_0808 IMG_0814 IMG_0816Only my brother would give my son, something disreputable to hold {see the beer can pictured below}, and no, he did not try it.  Holden is a good boy, loves his mother, and will never drink beer.  😉

I think Auntie SB was making sure Holden stayed in line.

We arrived back at home this morning to the nicest weather!  Windows open, nice walking weather, and birds chirping!  You would never know that it is supposed to be downright frost in the 20’s later on this week.  It was also a good day for penny counting and loading up your piggy on pennies.  Thanks Auntie Dee!

IMG_0822 IMG_0825 IMG_0830

Have a relaxing Sunday!


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