Five for Friday

I hope this post finds you well!  Here’s 5 things on my mind this afternoon…


It is certainly a sickly time around most places that I frequent.  H’s daycare was closed today due to lots of illnesses among the children and staff.  Of course, we didn’t leave him home with the dog, so the Mr. was also off today.  Since Holden was up coughing around midnight, he did the doctor duty and took H to be checked out.  Possibly the “croup,” possibly nothing…basically a wait and see game.  Yuck.  Even though Holden had been up since 4:45ish, I was sad to leave the guys all cozy with their books and a fire in the fireplace this morning.  Not excited about work=me.  Not to mention the chilly temps we have had here!



Don’t you like how my rental car {yes, I’m still sporting the rental car that I wrote about here.} warns me that it’s cold outside?!?!  I realize this temp is extra cold, but it actually started warning me when the temps dropped below 40 degrees.  Do I really need to ride everywhere looking at that!??!

We’ve had really yucky stomach bugs ever since we decided to let Holden move in with us.  I mean, really really bad stomach bugs.  I would absolutely love to bypass it this year for our whole household.

I left work a little early, so the Mr. could make his day a little brighter (I kid only.) by visiting the dentist.  Yay for being an adult and all this serious stuff like pediatrician’s offices and dental insurance!  When is summer?  When does flu/cold season end?  Am I drowning in clothing layers?  I feel like I haven’t seen my toes {except for that quick shower} in weeks!


Valentines Day – I’m looking forward to disinfecting cleaning this house tomorrow!  It’s supposed to be super chilly again, and it doesn’t seem like the yard work that we had in mind is going to get done.  I’m thinking some cleaning, a library visit, and maybe some returns to be made are on the books for tomorrow.  As a reward, I’m going to put up the Valentines decor after I’m finished {by “I’m” I mean we, the Mr., H, and I} cleaning.  🙂  I’ve been plotting up some good ideas for Valentines Day and H’s birthday coming up in March.  Here’s the treat I’m thinking of doing for the kids at his daycare…if they don’t get us all sick!  Those little carrier monkeys!


I found this photo on Pinterest.  By the way, I clicked “Popular” on pinterest and “thigh tattoos” came up.  Are they really considered popular?!?!?  Of all places, that would be just about the last one!

I picked up the hearts below from Target {right by the front doors}.  I’m not sure how I’m going to incorporate these into my existing stuff, but I thought they were cute and guilt-free as I had a Target gift card given to me by a student for Christmas.



Puzzles!  The Mr. and I have been working on our puzzle almost always together.  I took a break last night to fret/plan H’s kid birthday party which will be at OUR HOUSE.  That is another post entirely.  We’ve made some pretty good progress, and I like that we do it together.  I confess that it does tend to make me very sleepy.  Here’s a cure for insomnia…do a puzzle!



Books-I’ve put several self-help books on hold at our local library, but I did treat myself {thanks again students who give good gift cards} with a new book from Barnes and Noble.  I am just about finished with The Aviator’s Wife and enjoyed it.  i’m not sure I would call it a relaxing read, but it was fascinating.


Amazon Link

I hope you have an amazing Friday and weekend!

As a bonus…here are some recipes for what to do with canned sardines!  We are having them tonight, and I confess I’ll just eat them out of a can.  I’m not sure if it’s the price or the healthiness of them that seduces me, but they are the “superheroes of the seafood world” as the website above says.  Judge not until you try!

When words are both true and kind, they can change the world.Buddha Please comment below.

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