Library and Living Museum Visits

Good Sunday morning to you!  I’m up nice and early thanks to a couple early morning leg aches for the little one.  I’m thinking it must be growing pains.  Possibly, he just ran around like a crazy guy with the animals too much yesterday.  We so wanted to get out of the house yesterday and just enjoy the outdoors, but it was kind of chilly for a little dude to be out for very long.  We settled on a trip over to the Virginia Living Museum in Newport News, Virginia. We got there a little before 10 and stayed until just about 12.  Holden had NO interest in the Story Time going on when we first got there.  He wanted to see the “ANIMALS!”  🙂

IMG_0879 IMG_0881 IMG_0882 IMG_0884 IMG_0885 IMG_0887  IMG_0889  IMG_0892 IMG_0893

The solar fountain was so cool.  As you angle the solar panel towards the sun, the water would go higher.  It stopped completely when the panel was pointing away from the sun.

IMG_0894 IMG_0895

The family expert on birds, trees, animals in general, life…;)

IMG_0898 IMG_0899

Some gobblers – 1 male with lots of ladies following him around


The Mr. said this was just about the oldest deer ever.  Check out those crazy antlers!


We enjoyed lunch at Chik-fil-a afterwards, and we stopped by Bass Pro Shop for the Mr.  I confess that I really hate a Bass Pro Shop, but….  Holden loved to look at all the animals, fish tank, boats, ATVs…basically a boy child heaven.

IMG_0904 IMG_0906
IMG_0908 IMG_0910

After all this excitement, we had one tired turkey of our own.


What a fun-filled day!  We still made it home in time for the Mr. to do some yard work while I went to the gym.  Here are some pictures our playtime at the library and our “creations”

IMG_0871 IMG_0872 IMG_0873 IMG_0878

To round out this post, I wanted to leave you with some good quotes for those that are blessed to work with children or have children in their lives…

enhanced-25676-1405970154-6 enhanced-28466-1405970483-2



Love this one as well!  Source

Have a great day of rest!


When words are both true and kind, they can change the world.Buddha Please comment below.

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