5 for Friday

Happy Friday!  This week has flown by with the MLK holiday plus 1.5 teacher work days.  Personally, I’m really excited about the weekend.  Only mildly bummed that we will have rain {last I checked!} on most of Saturday.  Here are 5 things on my mind this Friday…


How precious would a kid-sized rocking chair be!?!?!  Check out the following link to see one.  I saw this on zulily this morning and thought it would look great on our front porch.  No, I didn’t buy it.  One can dream, right?  We actually sit on our front porch a lot in nicer weather, and H doesn’t really have a “his size” chair that goes with the other furniture out there.  He has a little chair on the back deck though.


Chia seed pudding…so…I made some of this last night.  I nibbled a bit when I first got up this morning.  I used chia seeds (2tbsps), skim milk(1/2 cup), dash of cinnamon, and few chunks of pineapple.  I got to say that I wasn’t blown away.  I like something a little more substantial to chew, and yogurt is really my I-already-eat-a-squishy-breakfast-item.

Have you tried this?  What recipe did you use?


Here’s POPSUGAR’s Recipe – {Photo from POPSUGAR}


I actually ordered clothes from Forever21.  Two parts of that statement are unheard of.  Me ordering clothes online, and me ordering from Forever21.  I haven’t shopped at that store in what feels like 21 years.  While reading The Honeybee’s blog, I was inspired to check the website out.  I ordered this pink shirt, this anchor print tee,  plus a swimsuit.  I haven’t got the swimsuit yet, but I really like the shirts.  Only one thing to note, I’m probably going to wear a thin camisole under the anchor shirt as it is pretty see-through.  I wore the pink shirt yesterday and loved it!  It does tell you on the site that the pink shirt is a different line of theirs and needs to be ordered in a half size smaller than you typically would.  Mine is an XS.


I’m giving up a never-ending battle tomorrow with dog grooming.  Roscoe is off to the groomer’s Saturday morning for a pedicure/nail trim.  The Mr. is going to take him, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this will be $10 well-spent aka the Mr. and I won’t have a ridiculous argument about when to cut them, how much to cut, just doing it in general…you get the idea.


I don’t believe I’ve mentioned it, but our dear pooch has had some ridiculous behavior over the course of the last two to three months.  Two of these incident involve scratching up our dining room table.  Naughty naughty.

In an effort to take the eye away from these scratch marks, I’ve been in pursuit of a few nice table runners.  I don’t want to do placemats as there are like 8 seats at the table {we had sets of 4 for our other smaller table…which I should really give away to someone come to think of it!}.  I found the best prices on runners at IKEA!  Unfortunately, they do not ship these items.  You have to be in store to buy them.  Extra sad face as some of these are priced at 7 and 10 dollars!

gulliris-table-runner__0237267_PE376633_S4 0271587_PE413388_S3 0271472_PE413285_S3

Images from IKEA

Any ideas for inexpensive table runners?

I hope you have a wonderful Friday!  I’m off to a faculty meeting and lunch out of the school building.  Adult-like lunches at restaurants with coworkers are a rarity around here, and I’m excited NOT to be packing a lunchbox. It is definitely the little things!  🙂


When words are both true and kind, they can change the world.Buddha Please comment below.

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