Moments on a Monday

Good morning!  I hope all of you are keeping your fingers (& toes!) crossed for a favorable weather prediction from the groundhog!  I absolutely, positively HATE winter.  I know, I know…you should appreciate all the seasons.  Blah Blah Blah.  After the Mr.’s birthday in early January, I’m ready to skip to spring break!  I do make exceptions for Valentine’s Day {who doesn’t love a holiday focused on love and chocolate!?!?!} and Holden’s birthday in March.  Other than those highlights, winter gets me way down.  The Mr. has even threatened to buy and make me use one of those light therapy things seen here.  Let’s just say this is about as far north as I can take it.  If I could move family along with us, I’d pick up and move to South Carolina, Georgia, Florida…I even fantasize about Florida in these winter months.

Here are a few tips that don’t require a power outlet if you also have a little seasonal affective disorder…

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I’m firmly convinced that the winter blues almost resulted in a major hair decision that was thankfully diverted before it actually occurred!  I was look for a change and almost did some serious damage to my hair’s mission statement.  I started wearing it with a middle part {v. my usual side part}, kept the length, and like it more!  Crisis ended!  LOL!


Holden continues to not be affected by things like his mom {thank goodness} is happily growing, reading, chasing the dog, and playing.


I can hardly believe that today is the day to turn in Holden’s registration for his “big preschool.”  We’ve been taking him to the same at-home daycare since he was six months, and I know this will be hard for him {probably harder for me though}.  I’m hopeful that it will be smoother than we think.  All these transitions are hard but good.  Can’t be a little baby boy forever.


We had a two hour delay last Tuesday thanks to some winter precipitation.  This left us some time to do “repairs” on one boy’s excavator.

This past weekend, Holden {and us too!} got to visit with lots of grandparents.  My parents came over on Saturday with lots of Valentine’s Day treats plus home repair help for the Mr. and a lunch out for me.  My mom and I went to Citrus…finally!  We had about 3 failed attempts before this successful trip.  The place serves only breakfast and lunch, but it is SUPER popular.  We both had the grilled shrimp wrap with amazing toppings plus a side of broccoli.  I also enjoyed fresh squeezed grapefruit juice.  Wow.  I loved it!


Sunday, we celebrated the Mr.’s mother turning the big 6-0!  She is so energetic and youthful that her age is truly just a number.  We had a great time celebrating and even surprised her with a few family members coming into town for the big day.  I have no pictures of the day at all {true measure of a fun party where a toddler is in attendance= little to no pictures!}.  We enjoyed hot sandwiches, chips, veggie tray, and then a trip to Whole Foods to pick out our sweets.  We wrapped up the night with a little half-time show plus me filling out H’s preschool registration {maybe one small tear here}.  Although the food was yummy, I think the sodium did me in.  I had some Emergen-C in the medicine cabinet and enjoyed a packet in water to top off the night.


I thought Katy Perry’s performance was A-OK.  Not to sure about those outfits though!  The best part was definitely her ride across the stadium on the star.  How cool!

I hope you have a great Monday!  At least Mother Nature decided to make the extra chilly day this week on a Tuesday instead of a Monday.  Ease us into it, right?


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