5 for Friday

Hard to believe that another Friday is here!  I’ve got some weekend plans {always!}, and I’m looking forward to waving goodbye to kids and coworkers for a couple days with my guys.  Here are five things on my mind this chilly Friday morning…


We were able to enjoy a couple walks this week which was great.  Yesterday…not so much!  It is certainly all about taking advantage of a break in the low temps when you can!  We spotted this “potty” on our walk, and it sparked a very long conversation about how/why a potty would be on the street.  Lots of opportunity for doing those teacherly things like inferring and drawing conclusions.  LOL!  Poor Holden!  Mommy won’t answer questions…I just send them back to him in another form and let him do the thinking.  My brain is super tired these days anyway by the time 4 o’clock rolls around.   🙂

IMG_0943 IMG_0944


A sweet friend gave me the tea pictured below for Christmas, and I have so so so been enjoying it.  It is a special treat on those days when I really want something sugary, carb-filled.  This tea is perfect!  It warms me up, tastes a little sweet without any added sweetener, AND I think of my friend each time I enjoy a cup.  Thank you!  🙂



My mom and dad gave me a few KIND bars as a part of my Valentine’s Day treat from them.  I haven’t tried the one pictured below, but I like the chocolate, cherry one.  The first one that I had I wasn’t too sure about it.  However, the second time I ate the choc/cherry one I really like it.  Go figure!  It may have also been the nice story that my sister told me giving the background of the creator and company.  You can read it here.  Gluten free and low glycemic index is a win-win!



Speaking of Valentines…I so have to work on mine tonight aka Holden’s!  My mom is always ahead of the curve with the holidays, so we’ve been enjoying our bits of Valentine’s Day sunshine since last weekend from her.

IMG_0947 IMG_0948


I am excited to go wedding dress shopping with my sister on Saturday.  There!  I said it!  Although she is playing it extra cool {meanwhile I’ve googled, Pinterested, and chatted the Mr.’s ears off about the dress, venue, etc.}, I am not.  I was never the girly type to plan my dream wedding years in advance.  I did really, really enjoy my own wedding including the planning process.  It will be nice to sit back and enjoy the view of my little sister make decisions and prepare for her special day {with the groom too, of course!}.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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