Home Workouts

Happy Monday morning!  Today, my mom is having surgery on her ankle to relieve some chronic pain…so, in a way, I guess it is a good morning for her.  I couldn’t imagine having my mobility affected that I couldn’t take a walk, run, or just run around like a crazy person all day on my feet.  I’m hoping (as I’m sure my family + my mom) that this surgery will bring her some relief and allow her to be more active in the future.  Plus, she’s got one busy grandson to keep up with.  I’m sure my sister, brother, and I will provide her with some more active little people in the future as well.  Sending positive thoughts and prayers to her!

Speaking of being active, I’ve been somewhat slacking on my morning gym workouts.  I went for about 30 minutes last Tuesday, but that visit was the last time I darkened the door.  On Friday, I did an at home workout by Housewife Glamour.  I would show the workout plan here, but her website is under maintenance.  I believe she is changing her blog quite a bit including the name.  Here is a link to the Pinterest image… It got my heart rate up.  I was done in 30 minutes which was coincidentally the length of Holden’s kids’ songs CD and his attention span to books/farm animals in his room.  Afterwards, I took the dog on about a 30 minute walk.  Workout=done!  And all without a gym!

Highly recommend her site as a good resource for at-home workouts.  Lots of them without equipment.  I will try to post the link to the new site when it goes live later today.  Fast forward to yesterday, Sunday.  We had amazing weather here!  I whined for a bit, got the Mr. to prod me into a run, and then ran the most I have in weeks…possibly months!  I ran 5.5 miles!  What-the-what!  The temps were just perfect.  I’ll reason it out that way.  We are expecting higher temps (in the 60’s) but rain today.  Then, the weather turns chilly again.  Wah, wah, wah!  Guess who won’t be running again for a while?!?!?!  I’m such a fair weather runner.  Let’s not pretend.  BUT…I will run in steamier conditions.  So that scores me legitimate runner points right?  After my longish run, I came home and used free weights to get some resistance training in.  I have 5, 8, 15, and 20 pound dumbbells plus a yoga mat that I use for my at-home workouts.  Can’t forget the Pandora website for music motivation.  I love listening to the “Today’s Hit” channel on there when working out.

IMG_0961 IMG_0962 IMG_0963

I store my gear in a little trunk that was a wedding present.  I like to keep it in our family room right next to H’s toys for easy access.

Do you have any home workouts that you love?  Do you incorporate free weights at all?

Make today a great Monday!


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