Semi-homemade Valentines for Preschool

Hi there!  I’m personally so glad that today is Monday.  I’ve been having a case of the Mondays ever week.  I am cranky, irritable, and just plain miserable.  What is this about?!?!  I know everyone says Mondays are the worst, but I didn’t really think so until recently.  Usually, Friday was my day to fall apart {blaming it on tiredness from the work week!}.  No more!  Avoid me on Mondays!  Anyways, I’m happy to report…it’s no longer Monday!   The spell has been broken, and I’m looking forward to a better day.  🙂

Last night, I made a new dinner recipe that really put the icing on the cake of a challenging day.  Now, I admit I didn’t follow the recipe EXACTLY {which might have been my problem!}.  However, I was pretty close.  The recipe totally flopped in appearance, was decent in tasted, but {and worst of all} wrecked the kitchen.  I mean, pots and pans everywhere.  Burnt on food on my stainless steel skillet.  Another mixing bowl, another mess.  Good gracious!  This was a healthy recipe, but I totally understand why people don’t want to cook “healthy!”  I found the recipe on Pinterest, and it looked oh-so-easy.  Lies!  It did, however, give  me the idea to share with you my top 5 go-to healthy dinner recipes.  I’ll be sharing them on Friday.  Just a little tease…  😉

In other news, I wrapped up some Valentines work last night.  Well, I say wrapped up.  By that comment, I mean Holden’s friends are done.  I’m still working on some family treats plus treats for my students.  I’ll share those later in the week.  Pictured below are Mott’s applesauce to-go snacks with H’s little card on top.


I found the template for the actual Valentine through Pinterest.  When I clicked on the photo, it took me to this website where I was able to download and print.  Thank you Funny Polkadot Giraffe!

I just printed, cut out little red construction paper circles, glued two pieces together, and then taped on the Valentine tag.  DONE.

Although I did most the work with these, H has been helping me get his family Valentines straight.  He did the painting and selecting who will get which one.  We just have to have him sign his “H” to each before sending them out.


Clearly, he is a paint genius.  Ha!  Having a kid is usually fun but especially so on these holidays!

Have a great Tuesday.


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