Weekend of Love

Hi friends!  I spent the weekend engaging in all sorts of fun despite the freezing temps.  After being spoiled by students and families at school, we attended a sweet boy’s first birthday, enjoyed an adult dinner out for Valentine’s Day, relaxed with my family by a nice fire, prepared for snow, and played in the snow.  Whew!  This all spans the days Saturday to today, Tuesday.  We {the Mr. and I and H and, of course, Roscoe the dog!} are off today due to the snowy/icy roads.  I’m so thankful to be home as I know that others are out and about in it because they have to be for work.  Bummer for you guys!  Be safe!  We will volunteer to eat snow cream for you!

IMG_0966 IMG_0975 IMG_0971 IMG_0977 IMG_0981 IMG_0982 IMG_0983 IMG_0984 IMG_0986 IMG_0987

Not pictured but delicious was our dinner at The Charlotte Hotel & Restaurant in Onancock, VA.

The Mr. and I so needed a nice, adult dinner.  We forget amidst the parenting, laundry, house maintenance, and extended family visits to really see each other.  I see him all the time.  We are fortunate to be on the same schedule {versus those couples who do shift work at opposing times} or are separated due to job locations or deployments.  However, there are times when we are roommates, sharing obligations like putting on a new roll of toilet paper or starting a load of laundry that will wait until the following weekend to be folded like all good laundry does.  I confess that I missed him, and I missed who I am without all these other, swirling things.  I’m pretty funny and not a bad conversationalist.  He’s a good listener with a pretty good memory of years gone by, AND he’s kind of funny too.  Thank goodness for time together.  The trick is keeping that feeling going through the days.  It’s all easy peasy when you’re eating delicious food, all fancied up in nice clothes, and sipping a nice red wine in a peaceful restaurant.  It is a tad bit harder when a soon-to-be-3-year-old is wailing the blues around dinnertime, AND dinner isn’t quite ready yet.  I know there will be times when dinner, laundry, the dog’s toenails, H’s cries, and my own ungrateful heart win.  BUT…here’s my vow to you darling…I will kiss you goodbye in the morning, kiss you hello in the evening, and cuddle you close at bedtime.  I will always love you.

P.S. He makes a pretty good snow cream too!  Here’s the recipe he followed with some almond extract added in for a little something extra delicious.  See here {yay no egg!}

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