Good gracious, it’s cold!

H and I are together again on a week day thanks to the freezing weather we are having here.  We watched some “Jesus DVD” as Holden calls it this morning, enjoyed fruit and yogurt {such a warmer weather breakfast by the way}, and got ready to head out into the cold.  I also got to chat with my sister at leisure which NEVER happens as we are usually checking in and out on a quick basis daily.  Isn’t it amazing how you can talk to some people every day about what I’m not too sure and feel like you could chat with them later on in the day and STILL have plenty to say?  So odd but so true.  We are also in pursuit of an odd beep that has been happening at our house since 8 o’clock-ish last night.  It is happening every fifteen minutes like clockwork, and we are mystified.  We can’t figure it out!  How is this possible?!?!  We don’t even have a lot of electronics, and H doesn’t have many toys like that either.  It continues to beep.  I’ve given up until the Mr. gets home to provide two man {or two people, if you will} reinforcements.

Here’s what I’m really thinking about…


Courtesy of Instagram

I so want spring to hurry.  I hate being hunkered down inside while the ice slowly melts away only to freeze again when the temps drop to 9!!!! tonight.  While shopping for H’s birthday stuff today, I decided to pick up a bathing suit {totally logical right???} and a cute dress that was in the 75% off section at Target.


I got the top pictured above.  It has a clasp closure in the back with lots of strings connecting the sides together.  Much cuter in person!  In fact, I’m not sure I would have bought it online.  Link here.  


Again, worst picture ever!  Link here.  My bathing suit is a hot pink and way cuter than this!  Gosh Target!  Step up your photography game.  I overheard some teenish girls saying “These swimsuits are really good Victoria’s Secret copycats!”  So…there you have it.  Run to your local Target to get some current styles for a better price.  The top was 17.99, and the bottom was 14.99.  Way better than what Victoria’s Secret is charing for something similar.  I’m sure they have to charge more due to way better modeling/photographing.  Just saying.  I’ll take a picture of the dress later.  Very cute with a swingy skirt.  Looks to be very comfy too.  The dress is not available online.

I tackled a lot of birthday to-dos with H by my side {reluctantly}.  He asked in Target, “When are we leaving this store?”  Clearly, I did not shop enough with H as a smaller dude.  Very low in the patience department for ladies shopping time.  He soldiered through a quick clothing stroll followed by a slower party supplies and food items stroll.  By the time we were in cosmetics, case was closed.  He was DONE.  We also stopped in a Dollar Tree for some party supplies.  Love that place!  I got each child a nursery rhyme book that comes with a 20 track CD with kids’ songs.  Perfect!  All for a dollar a piece.  Favors=Done!  I can’t wait to share how it all comes together.  The Mr. says it will be the longest 1.5 hours ever with lots of crazy kids running around!  I think it will go quick.  Yes, I’m weird and made the party an hour and a half.  Let’s be real.  People got other things to do on a Saturday {like laundry, groceries, relax}.  After lunch with the Mr., I put H down for a nap with his cranky ‘tude and enjoyed dessert.  I have been loving this dessert pictured below.  Smear of peanut {or almond} butter, chopped up Hershey’s Special Dark snack size bar, English muffin – toast combination in toaster over for just a minute or so.  Yummy, warm, melty chocolate with PB flavor.  Perfect treat!  I also had a small mug of hot chocolate to cheer me up after some not so fun lunch time news.  Emotional eating…Hello!


Here we are arriving back home after our adventure out!  The neighborhood roads are still terrible.  School tomorrow???  I don’t see those buses managing the roads, but we’ll see.


Stay warm!


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