5 for Friday

Can you believe it?!?!?  Another day off from school due to the snow {technically the ice}!  This will be a FULL WEEK off from school for me.  Have you ever noticed that time off comes with lots of thinking time?  When we are so busy rushing from work to home to activities to WHATEVER, we don’t really think.  I can do lots of thinking in most any conditions, but I truly can think hard about bigger stuff when I’m off from work.  This week, I have been thinking hard about life, my family, how I spend my time, my goals {like big LIFE GOALS –  doesn’t that sound official!}, my personal style {this one left me scratching my head 😉 }, and all sorts of “big picture” stuff that normally gets shoved to the side to think about things called dinner and laundry.  Some thinking can be good.  Helps you refocus.  Sometimes, you don’t have a lot to show for your refocusing, but it is all up there…in your noggin’.  Anywho – After that bit of deepness or attempt of, let’s move on to 5 things on my mind this Friday morning.



Photo Carefully Borrowed from Momfessional

Too funny not to share!  I’m hoping that all these February days don’t mess up our summer vacation/spring break.  I’m a lady with plans!


A yucky sore throat!  I seem to be getting one.  I’m not too sure that I can’t blame it on the Mr.  We were doing a  workout at home last night before dinner {aka hopping around in regular intervals to pop music with our son doing mountain climbers!}, and he accidentally kicked me {not as bad as it sounds!} in the neck/vocal box.  Oops.  I had a cup of red raspberry leaf tea with honey last night that was delicious.  This tea is so good, and I would definitely recommend it.  I buy it at a local health food store in bulk, so it is relatively inexpensive.



My new dress!  So thrilled about my 7 dollar and change dress from Target’s clearance rack.  Sometimes, I’m overwhelmed by a deal and get clothing that I don’t need that isn’t that cute.  This dress was so not the case!  I’ve been trying to do better with this.  The Mr. confirmed that it was indeed a “cute dress.”  Yay!

IMG_1030 IMG_1031

Sorry for the bad picture!  I just now realize that we do not have a floor length mirror…hmm…that would be nice.


New kitchen island is making itself right at home.  It needs a few buddies like stool A and stool B which I plan on ordering today.  It is from IKEA and a real deal compared to other options I looked at.

IMG_1027 IMG_1028 IMG_1029

It took some getting used to.  We were very used to LOTS of floor space in our kitchen.  Like dance party space, seriously.  BUT I’m loving it now and can’t wait until the oiling of the butcher block is complete {apparently this seals it?}.  The Mr. is in charge of that process.  I’m just at the ready with a fruit bowl to go in the middle on top.


Here’s a cute picture of little H.  He’s been driving me kind of crazy this week as he is going through some type of maturing that requires him to yell his opinions nice and loud at his parents.  This doesn’t work too well for him and lands him in time out on the regular, but he has stamina and usually tries again a few hours later.  I’m sure this will serve him well in life if he ever say needs to climb a mountain or lead a protest march.  Kid has strong opinions and doesn’t mind letting you/us know.  I wonder where he gets that from???  🙂  We’ve played with puzzles, shoveled snow, gone sledding, played alphabet games, read all our library books, done errands, watched Curious George and lots of Bible stories, gone for short walks, made a small batch of cookies, vacuumed, and just been lazy.  He is so fun but so busy at this age.  Here he is “painting” with shaving cream in the tub.  The Mr. decided to give him a little personalization with a “H” and a bikini bottom.  Such a cute hinny!


Our plans for today include getting out of the house, possibly taking in the Bounce House place, and a lunch out together {thank you student parents for Panera and Chik-fil-a gift cards!}.  I’m so excited for our mommy-son lunch date.  Have a happy Friday!


8 thoughts on “5 for Friday

  1. Stopping in from the link-up… Your dress is totally cute! And I love your island from IKEA… especially like that you can fit stools on one side. And as a southern girl who now lives in Ohio I can say that your picture is spot on! I’ve lived here 5 years now and I still fly into snow-panic mode sometimes while everyone around me just goes about their business. The alarm-bells go off in my head and I feel the need to stock up on milk and bread then hunker down before the snow falls!

  2. Hi Natalie – found you thru the link-up. Your anecdote about your son reminds me of my now-15 year old nephew. When he was about 5, he got a timeout for “arguing” with his mom. After the timeout, they had a discussion, he apologized, but then said he thought he was still right and she was still wrong. Oops – re-timeout! He still tries to argue logic with anyone! Have a great weekend – California is sunny and mid-60s, but then we’re in a drought – going on year 4. Wish we could get some weather balance!

    • What a funny story to look back on! Yes, I’m pretty sure my son will be able to out argue me with logic in the near future. How scary! Would love to send some precipitation your way. Have a great weekend!

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