A Little of Life

Hi there!  It is another snowy evening here which has resulted in closed schools for H and I tomorrow.  I mean, I’m all for a snow day/day off, but this is getting to be ridiculous!  I’m so not wanting to be going in the summer or on our scheduled spring break.   Here is a picture or two of our last snow day {last Friday}.  We were at the local “Bounce House,” and the place was just packed with energetic kids and tired mommies who had been trying to keep those kids entertained/busy cooped up inside.

IMG_1034 IMG_1035 IMG_1036 IMG_1037

I was getting a little panicked in the last picture!  Kids were everywhere!  I was in the “adult supervision” bounce house thing.  Yikes!  I had to say, “No, I don’t know where your friend is.” and “You can do it!  Just pull yourself up!  Good job!”  Oh my.  Reminded me of being at school!


H got a nice haircut on Friday afternoon.  He was looking very handsome and quite modern with his spiky do!

This past weekend, I had a nice girls’ day with a friend who I haven’t been able to get together with in quite some time.  So glad it worked out {finally!}!  We enjoyed pedicures, lunch, and a movie.  I broke down and saw Fifty Shades of Grey and had to give it two thumbs down.  It was really poor acting on Mr. Grey’s part, and I confess the plot line just seemed ick in the light of the movie theater.

On Sunday, I enjoyed a delicious luncheon at church with all sorts of tea sandwiches, salads, and yummy desserts.  Plus, I got to meet a lot of nice women.  It was nice to put a name with a face, but I’m absolutely awful at remembering those names!  Looking forward to getting to know those said women better and becoming more involved there.

All this girl time was made possible by my ever-understanding husband who knew I needed to take in a different setting than these home walls.  After our snow days, H and I needed a different scene and perhaps even a small break from one another.  I confess I missed him bunches especially on Saturday when I was gone most the day.  When I got home from church, I indulged in a book and nap.  All these indulgences were just too much for me.  So…I tortured myself with Jillian Michaels!  That mean, mean lady worked me over in just twenty minutes!  The 30 Day Shred DVD is no joke!

Our work week hasn’t been too bad.  I even managed to drag my slightly sick with a cold self to the gym for a workout today.  I’ve been doing short, HIIT workouts at home.  The 30 minutes on the elliptical felt like eternity this morning.

Here’s a cute picture of H’s tent he got for Valentine’s Day.  You can see the Mr.’s leg sticking out during “tent time.”  H and the Mr. were reading a new whale book.  H is fascinated with sea creatures.  I think his favorite is the “baby Beluga whales.”  Roscoe wanted in, but I guess they voted “no.”

IMG_1039 IMG_1040

I hope you are having a good week!  It’s hard to believe it’s hump day tomorrow, and we are off {again!}.

Have a great night!


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