5 for Friday

It’s hard to believe that it is already Friday again!  This week flew by!  I actually was off on Wednesday due to an early life crisis that was unleashed by a combination of a runaway dog (Exhibit A:  Roscoe) and a daycare glitch (Exhibit B:  no power at the home daycare).  I handled all these things well…yeah right!  However, I did live through the week, and I happily was able to get a lot of work done this afternoon to make up for the day off.

Moving on to a more positive 5 for Friday:


It is also hard to believe that just three years ago we were getting ready to receive the best gift ever…our son, Holden.  His birthday is coming up this Saturday, and we are so looking forward to celebrating with his little friends, our friends, and family.  He started off the fun with mini cupcakes for his preschool friends which I picked up at Wal-Mart’s bakery.  Tomorrow means another treat for his daycare friends.  I found this post on Pinterest.  Here is the direct link to the website.  I adapted the fruit to just strawberries (very sweet and cheap ones at Wal-Mart this week!!!  I bought 2.) and used popsicle sticks instead of straws.


photo from Trish at Mom On Timeout

Here’s my way less photogenic version.  Very yummy though!

IMG_1101 IMG_1104

I’ll share more of H’s birthday celebrations as they come together (kid party – Saturday, family and friend party – Sunday).  I was able to conqueror this massive shopping list this week, so I *think* I have everything I need minus some press and seal stuff which is for a craft.  There’s always something I forgot!


Can you tell one of the parties will have a Mexican theme??


I got lots of goodies in the mail today from Old Navy plus one from Nordstroms as well.  The Mr. had given me an Old Navy gift card for my birthday, and I finally used it!  Here are my purchases…

IMG_1091 IMG_1094

IMG_1097 IMG_1099

I love the color of this dress.  I have been looking for a nice bright pink dress for two springs now (yes, I’m counting this as officially now being spring.  We are in March despite the sleet happening outside.).  This one at Nordstroms is perfect!  Very comfy too.


Old Navy workout pants that were a little too baggy that I think I’ll be returning.


New plain-Jane black flip flops!  Now, some warmer weather to wear them!

I also got the white cardigan pictured with the dress from Old Navy.  Much nicer material than I first imagined with the price tag.  I am returning a sports bra that was too small {It does happen people…a bra too small for yours truly}.  I’m debating about some white matchstick style capri pants that felt a little too snug for both professional and social wear.  Still debating about these…


See website here

Holden got this cute “H is for handsome” t-shirt…


Link here.


I also finally got a hair cut this week.  It had been way back before Thanksgiving since my last cut.  I got some sideswept bangs that I immediately regretted.  I asked my stylist to blend the growing-out version with my other layers and style my hair with my current middle part.

Ta da!


Looking way, way casual to be out in the uber-chic Town Center.


Smoked Salmon…aka lox…aka “Nova?”  Whatever it is, I love it.


I got this from Bagels N More in Town Center, but I have to admit the quality has declined since this local bagel shop combined with a local bakery, Bliss Bakery.  You gotta get your salmon where you can though.


Just a funny…



Photo Credit: Websta

Also here.

Click here for more “Fit Girl Problems.”

Have a happy weekend!


6 thoughts on “5 for Friday

    • Thank you! Unfortunately, he came down with a stomach bug. We had to cancel the party. 😦 I’m hoping to reschedule for a couple weeks with all his friends. We can plan, but you never know!

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