Three Years

Today marks three years that I’ve been a mother.  What a crazy ride so far {especially in the last 24 hours!}!  I confess to not having “love at first sight” with my little guy.  This blonde hair, blue-eyed boy did not steal my heart at first cry.  I felt quite inept, unsure, and detached when little H was born.  Thank goodness he didn’t hold it against me.  Over the course of the first six months of his life, I fell madly in love with him.  However, I had no idea how much it would increase each day I’m a mommy to him.

I’m ever so thankful for this little blessing named Richard Holden.  We couldn’t imagine our lives without him.  He truly is the greatest gift ever!  His questions, smart responses, energy, attention to detail, all boy-ness, sweet voice, and just general wonderfulness are almost more than this mommy can bear to behold on a daily basis.

Today we celebrate three years.  We celebrate just the three of us {+the dog}.  The family we are all on our own.

Now, this is partly by default.  We decided back in January to do an at-home birthday party with friends from both H’s at-home daycare and church preschool.  In total, it was about 16 invitations going out.  The Mr. and I talked it up!  “Your friends are coming!  etc.”  After much prep and planning, we worked on assembling food, crafts, and decor yesterday afternoon and evening.  I had a funny, motherly intuition at dinner last night that H didn’t look well.  I brushed it aside, and we continued with our evening.  H woke up at 9 o’clock with a “tummy/throat ache.”  After a potty break, water, and “medicine,” he was back to bed {the medicine was a spoonful of vanilla yogurt}.  We were busy congratulating ourselves on our hard work and admiring the full party set-up when I noticed a text on my phone from another parent.  Her son who had been planning on coming to the party had to be picked up from our mutual daycare today due to a stomach bug i.e. vomiting.  Fan-tas-tic.  I knew without a doubt that we were in big trouble.  Then, the waiting game began.  Starting at about 11 P.M., Holden got sick to his stomach until about 4 A.M.-ish at pretty regular intervals.  Good gracious.  We did about 10 loads of laundry – changing them almost as fast as he could make them dirty again.  Nothing like an all-nighter to remind you how young you are NOT.

So…we did the grown-up thing and contacted all the parents via text or email early this morning.  Big bummer.  H was aware that plans had changed and was disappointed that his friends, Aunt Dee, and Moochie wouldn’t be coming over today.  I kind of just wanted to wash my hands of all the party craziness, but his disappointment definitely spurred me into action to come up with an alternate plan.  Basically, today will be our fire drill for our next attempt at H’s birthday party.  Here are some pictures from all our party prep.

IMG_1107 IMG_1109 IMG_1110 IMG_1111 IMG_1112 IMG_1113 IMG_1114 IMG_1115 IMG_1116 IMG_1117 IMG_1118 IMG_1119 IMG_1120 IMG_1121 IMG_1122

Isn’t he a sweetheart?!?!?  I know this is such a first wold problem, but I hate to see him disappointed.  He did take it in stride, and two friends dropped off presents for him.  Here’s hoping that the Mr. and I make it through the night without any mishaps of our own!

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