How a Massage Did Me Wrong

You  know, you can almost tell how some days are going to go before you get out of bed.  Today was one of those days for me.  For whatever reason, I didn’t sleep very well.  Saw 10:30 {yes, I was in bed before then.}, 2:45, 3:45, and then the final wake time of 4:45.  Not sure what my deal was, but I’m partially blaming it on dirty hair.  Isn’t that weird?!?!?  Does “dirty hair” aka hair that needs to be washed bother you when you’re sleeping?  Bizarre, I know.  I had complete two online lessons in my continuing education course, paid the bills, and got panicky about my to do list all before the men rose and shone.  Good gracious.  After a momentary meltdown, I did make it to the gym for five miles on the treadmill due to our drizzly day.  The Mr. and H did the dog duty of taking Roscoe P. for a pedicure.  We all set off for Chrysler Hall, a local art museum, around 10 o’clock.  The museum had a special kids event today and featured an exhibit on the art/history of video games.

Holden was very, very, very excited by all the noises, people, and Spiderman himself!  The Mr. snapped a couple of good pics of the two together that I’ll try to post later.  We also looked around in the ancient civilizations exhibit, and H touched an extremely old statue that was NOT supposed to be touched.  Maybe we aren’t ready for art museums yet…

IMG_1140 IMG_1141 IMG_1142 IMG_1143
IMG_1149 IMG_1145 IMG_1146 IMG_1147 IMG_1148

Despite my best efforts to make it a fun experience, I must admit it was more like a test in patience and parenting.  Then again, those two kind of go together like PB & J.  Definitely had to lay the law down in PUBLIC with a little man who wouldn’t hold hands and wanted to run everywhere!  After about an hour, we had our fill and headed over to the mall to pick up some new “run fast shoes” for Holden.

We got these from Stride Rite…


Link here

I love, love, love Stride Rite shoes!  H’s feet are size WIDE, and the ladies at Stride Rite always measure his foot carefully and check to make sure his toes have plenty of room.  We’ve been putting this off for far too long!

After lunch, I had a massage appointment to get to that I was so excited about.  However, it was an awful massage!  The pressure was way too much for me, and I did tell her to tone it down twice.  I really don’t like massages to “fix” muscle, etc. issues.  I like to relax!!!  I definitely won’t be going back that place or getting one any time soon.  I mean, I’m sitting here typing with an achy back that I paid for!  Extreme sadness.  😦

To console myself, I treated the achy back with some fro-yo at Skinny Dip for one.  It’s amazing how cheap of a date I am there.  $2.75!!!  We never leave with that kind of a bill when H and the Mr. go.


Not to bore you with too many mundane details, but I spent the rest of the afternoon/day in and out of stores.  It seemed like whenever I would think that was my last stop I would remember something I had forgotten.  All said and done, I walked in the door for the evening around 6.  Yikes!

The Mr., H, and I ended the up and down day with a yummy whole wheat pizza with fresh basil, olives, lots of different kinds of cheese and homemade sauce!  Very good!


Just to stick to the crazy up and down nature of our day, we rented Gone Girl and didn’t watch it due to my achy back, the Mr.’s swollen eye {we have no idea why.  allergic to what?}, and a late bedtime for H.  I mean, who has time for 2 hours and a half movies these days?!?!

The weather report says sunshine tomorrow.  I’m certainly hoping for a little sunshine and outside time tomorrow.

How was your Saturday?

Have you ever made homemade pizza?  Favorite toppings?


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