Running Fever

I have had a crazy week!  More illnesses (H again!), some daycare behaviors that sure do upset this teacher/mommy, a Teacher of the Year reception that made for a late night, personal let-downs, and just plain busy-ness at work!  However, I’ve also gotten more into work again which is good.  Sometimes just acting more excited about work really results in being more excited.  Sidenote:  I’m excusing Friday from this comment as I was a stressed, busy mess!  The Mr. also knocked it out of the park on Tuesday when he picked up a sickly little man, stayed home with him, AND thoroughly cleaned the house, did laundry, and just generally was an awesome Mr. Mom.  This enabled us to have a “free” Saturday.  We enjoyed a very long trail walk at First Landing State Park and some grocery shopping together.  Together is always more fun even though the Mr. always wants to buy lots of meats and snacks!

In other news…

I’m not sure if it is due to this weekend’s Shamrock running madness in Virginia Beach or all the runners/races on my Instagram feed, but I feel like all I’m seeing, hearing, and reading about is spring running!  I did not run the Shamrock Towne Bank 8K this year due to a icky attitude and some icky winter weather.  HOWEVER, I’m really, really, really happy that it is officially spring and nicer weather.  I started increasing my mileage again (such a fair-weather runner!) using the treadmill at the gym and a handful of outside runs.  I’m up to about 6 miles for long runs.  Weekdays, I did a 5K run on Tuesday and then a 5K run on Thursday that was broken down into 400 meter runs varying speeds between 7, 8, and 10 mph speeds.  Holy goodness!  That 10 will get you!  I was a dripping, hot mess both mornings.  I mean, you know you’re warmed up if you put the window down on the way home, and the temps are still in the 30s/40s at that time of day!  I desperately need new running shoes, and I’m planning to make this purchase at the next paycheck.  It is just too ridiculous!  I’ve got one shoe that is ate up based on the way I run (turing my foot out in some odd way) plus the chewed up tongue on one shoe that I will NEVER forgive my sister’s dog for doing.  Honestly, my shoes suck.  I should have never switched brands!  I’m pretty sure I’ve lamented my choice on here about a dozen times.  Can’t wait to get another pair of Brooks!  Here is some fun pictures I found on Pinterest this afternoon…

23f74bf79c6ca1eff19ac9d9ec08f24b 031449b3250a5e91cc9efe57b5a479f2 bc9eafeec1ebb26e0c7e5370eae620ec i-run-because-i-can-women-s-performance-running-t-shirt_design-300x300_thumb 24d82faf003ed447120bb46be396504d b967a646623f50b290d60cedf6e0b47a a3ba4527e3bb154b9704770a280d9059

I love a good quote!  Off to do a long, outside run in my almost-reached-their-expiration-date shoes!  Have a great Saturday!


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