Sunday Fun Day

Hi there!  What a great weekend it has been/continues to be!  We had such a good time yesterday, and today has been fun too. If you recall, we’ve had a few illness-filled weekends.  This one feels like an actual reprieve from the work week instead of a different type of “work.”  The Mr. and I watched The Best of Me last night on DVD.  It’s a Nicholas Sparks novel, so you can just imagine the plot of this one.  Very good sentiment and heart-touching.  However, I think the Mr. is lobbying for a break from the “touchy feely” movie that I’ve been picking lately!  We rose and shone early this morning to attend the 8AM service at church.  H was a pretty good little dude and captured a few of the older ladies’ hearts.  😉  After church, we got to go on a walk together and do some yard work.  The Mr. purchased and planted two dogwoods and a redbud.  He’s way into it.  Me…not so much!  I did help a little with cleaning up some dead vines and just plain junky plant material in our yard.  Holden had a blast finding two new “homes” for worms that popped up and just generally getting into mischief with pliers, rakes, and fertilizer.  I think we pretty much blew his mind when we told him that the fertilizer was essentially “poop!”  Then, Roscoe ate it, and well…there you go!  Lots of opportunity for questions/conversations!  Here are a few pictures from my Teacher of the Year reception (including the wristlet corsage that I wore!  I felt very prom-ish!).

IMG_1160 IMG_1161

Truthfully, I get really uncomfortable at “things” like this.  This is my nervous/frightening face.

IMG_1162 IMG_1163


Another interesting pic from the weekend – the Mr.’s hunting gear laundry day!


He certainly likes his gear/accessories!  If he was a girl, I swear he would have a million shoes and bags!

I hope you’re having a terrific weekend!  It’s amazing how simply being well and having some sunshine can be so appreciated in the spring after the winter season!

A thought for all the moms out there who are struggling with decisions, big and small!


Image Courtesy of Traci Michele – Found at


Image from Pinterest


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