An Un-Birthday and Some Sunday Ramblings

Good morning!  I’m up bright and early to finish up some coursework for an online class that I’ve been taking this winter/spring.  24 recertification points are now all mine!  Plus, I get my reimbursement check which feels like “free money,” but it is totally my money.  Yesterday was a big day for us!  We successfully had H’s 3rd birthday un-birthday party.  This was due to a cancellation at the beginning of the month due to a terrible stomach bug.  I’m happy to say it was actually not too stressful and surprisingly fun!  The kids were all well-behaved with the exception of Holden’s decision to hammer the coffee table {good gracious!  He’s mine!}.  We enjoyed Chik-fil-a nuggets, a veggie tray, grapes, animal crackers, cheese crackers, apple slices with yogurt dip, chips/guac/salsa, and ice cream with all the fix-ins!  I highly recommend a Chik-fil-a tray if you’re doing a semi-homemade party.  Delicious, easy, and worth the money.  The end.  Here’s the boy and I before the party.


I can’t believe he’s three and three weeks!  My big boy growing up so fast!  It was so much fun to talk with the other moms.  I love how being a mom gives that commonality among women that isn’t really possible when we are still trying to pretend life is always glamorous and cool-io.  As on mom said about the terrible twos, “the struggle is real.”  LOL!

This week included National Puppy Day.  Here’s a picture I shared on my Instagram of our Mr. Roscoe P. Coltrane-Leatherbury.


Isn’t he a handsome fellow?!?!

Although our weather has been kind of ick this week, H, R, and I did manage to play outside for a bit.  We pretended to do different animal walks or swims in the case of the fish!  Here’s me climbing a tree and upsetting the boys who wanted me “come down!”

IMG_1190 IMG_1191

Holden pretended to be a tree in this picture.  The pine cone on him is a “bird.”


Yesterday the Mr. tricked me into getting new shoes!  He totally lied and said that he had prepaid for some new shoes at our local running speciality store.  Then, I get there, and he had not!  I was going to get his credit card number back!  I kept telling myself to run on the shoes I had for a bit longer to really get the maximum use out of them before getting a new pair.  Well, I was already there, so I had to get some new ones.  The Mr.’s plan totally worked!  Here are the ones I got!  I didn’t try on any others and basically told the salesperson “bring out all the colors!  These are the shoes I’m getting.”  I also may have gone too far and told her I’m going to burn my old shoes in hatred.  I’m sure that is the first time she heard that yesterday!


Link here.

Very excited to try these out!  I’m very much not excited that it is 30 degrees right now here.  Where, oh where, is spring!?!?!

A random side note- I’m loving this gum!  I usually buy minty gum, but this stuff has been a great change up this week.


I confess that my workouts have been all over the place this past week due to a very had work week.  I’m excited to get back on track this coming week.  One week to go until spring break!!!!

Have a great Sunday!


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