Moments on a Monday and April Goals

It’s hard to believe that it is the end of March {almost} already!  Time has really flown by this month!

Here’s a random of H inside one of his birthday presents…


It was so chilly today and yesterday.  I totally recycled my church outfit into my Monday work outfit.  Does anybody else do this???


Leggings and long, warm sweaters = Comfy but not very springy attire!


I totally rock the “I’m a nine year old” hair-dos all the time.  I once had a student come up to me and say “Mrs. Leatherbury, we’re twins!  Our hair style is the same!”  Now, I teach third grade.  That info makes this statement a little more funny, don’t you think???  😉

My sister came to visit yesterday afternoon due to some work obligations in the area.  It was so nice having her in town, and it makes me a teeny bit nostalgic as I think back to when she was attending college just a hop, skip, and a jump away at Old Dominion.  We did some crafting with H, went for a walk {purely to meet her FitBit goal, I think}, enjoyed some red meat :), and talked a bunch.  So thankful for my sister!  I’d be even more thankful if she’d move closer to us though.  Just saying!  Before her arrival, H and I attended Palm Sunday service at church and got these little treats.


I’ve attempted Hot Cross Buns in the past {See post here.}  However, these were light, yeast-y roll in nature.  That is a whole different kettle of fish!  Having to have things “rise” and have some type of chemical reaction like you do with yeast breads makes me very nervous!  These were provided by church and hit the spot with coffee a la Wawa picked up by the Mr.

I can happily report the only after school obligations I have this week are an allegedly “brief” grade level meeting on Wednesday followed by a giant peanut butter Easter egg and assorted mini eggs pick up from a local church.  These are some Easter treats for some boys I know who like their sweets.  It feels so good to have a little less on my plate at work and a nice week long spring break waiting in the wings!  To top it off, we are expecting some temps in the low 70s here tomorrow. Hallelujah!  We caught a little sunshine and sand in our shoes this afternoon.

IMG_1212 IMG_1213

This was part of the birthday plans.  However, the chilly temps kept the kids from playing in this kiddie pool of sand that had “buried treasure” in it.  H and the Mr. had a good time uncovering bugs, necklaces, play money, etc.  Love this afternoon light and just being outdoors!  Hopefully, our spring break week will have a few warm days in it.

As we look forward to April, I wanted to check in with my March goals…


I actually did pretty good this month!  I did get a hair cut.  Still growing my bangs out, but I’m loving the longer length.  I had a massage.  Unfortunately, it was ick.  We did visit the Chrysler Art Museum. I honestly haven’t increased my yoga practice.  I have tried to incorporate more stretching into my workouts.  I did the stretches below for runners after my longer run {6.2 miles} yesterday.


See full info here.  Sequence/Article by Carly Sippel

We’ve been doing pretty good with meaningful Easter activities.  The Resurrection eggs have been great for really having a discussion with H about Easter, Jesus, crosses, palms, donkeys, basically anything related to the holiday.  He has had lots of questions and enjoyed the little book that comes with the eggs.  We also did just some fun stuff like playing with our Easter eggs in the tub, making sun catchers {thanks for your help, Aunt D!}, and dyeing eggs.  I’m looking forward to some more fun stuff this upcoming weekend.


H and I did the cross – It’s a little tie-dye look!

I’d really like to make these resurrection cookies with Holden one night this week.  We’ll see!  If you’d like to see some more ideas that I collected on Pinterest, just click here to see my “Spring” board.

Here are my goals for April…


Number 1 may have to wait until more towards the end of the month if this chilly days keep popping up on our local forecast.  Maybe number 4 too…

Do you have any goals in mind for April?

Any fun April Fools Day tricks up your sleeve?

Hope you had a good start to your week!  A parting thought for you…


Courtesy of Instagram – Be a nice girl.  🙂


When words are both true and kind, they can change the world.Buddha Please comment below.

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