5 for Friday

It’s the day before the start of Spring Break 2015, and I’m beyond excited!  H and the Mr. are off tomorrow for lots of man stuff. There is power equipment involved and something gross called “corn beef hash” that H calls “corn beef bash.”  I would be more likely to call it barf but to each their own.  Here are 5 things on my mind…well, mostly on my mind is spring break!  Ha!


Easter! – I’m so looking forward to all the festivities!  H is doing an egg hunt on Saturday.  I’m hoping to do a few more fun Eastery things with him on Saturday as well.  Sunday means church, flowering of the cross, Easter basket fun, plus food and family.  Not to mention, we get to celebrate our Savior and the all-encompassing love that His death and resurrection symbolize!  I mean, let’s keep it real.  That IS what it is all about.  Sorry Mr. Easter Bunny!

Here’s a link to a youtube video that I watched with Holden on Wednesday to help explain the reason we celebrate!


Shrimp Salad – I absolutely love shrimp salad in the spring and winter!  I think it is the perfect accompaniment to a buttery croissant or crusty roll.  I plan to make this for Easter lunch with lots of sides.  Here’s the recipe I like.

Here’s another similar recipe from Tide and Thyme – an Eastern Shore blogger!


Nice weather! – We’ve had a couple of great days recently.  Holden walked all the way to the park with Roscoe and I.  This is about a one mile walk there and a one mile walk back.  It did take us quite some time, but I was so proud of those little, non-whiny legs!

IMG_1221 IMG_1224 IMG_1225 IMG_1226


Although I have been running more, I took this week off.  I tend to go a little overboard quickly.  I’m excited to go for a run tomorrow afternoon.  This will be the first trail run I’ve done in forever!  I’m so looking forward to it.  The weather should be awesome, and I’m charing my iPod for some peppy tunes to come along the way with me.  I saw this awesome prayer for runners…


Courtesy of Instagram

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Shredded coconut! – I’ve been making up my own cookies as a “treat” each night.  These cookies are very loosely called cookies, but they include peanut butter, dried cranberries, shredded/sweetened coconut, a splash of milk, and (or leave out) a dash of cocoa powder.  I mix up all ingredients and put in microwave for about 30 seconds and then toast in toaster oven to make the coconut just slightly crunchy.  Kind of bizarre, I know.  Here are some more “normal” recipes with shredded coconut!

Paleo No-Bake Cookies

5 Ingredient Chocolate Coconut Cookies

Chewy Coconut Oatmeal Cookies

Hope your Friday is fantastic!


2 thoughts on “5 for Friday

  1. I’m glad the weather is finally looking up and staying warm because my kids definitely to hit up the park. Winter has made them a stir-crazy. And shredded coconut is awesome. I eat alone as well as on cakes and cookies and shrimp!

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