The Wireless World and Us

HUMP DAY!  So excited that this longish week is “over the hump!”  One day of testing at school is under my belt, and I’m so glad!  Onto the other 7 {I think, but really…who’s counting?!?!}!

I’ll start off today’s post by sharing a little background info about me.  When I first found out I was pregnant with my son, I became very passionate about providing the very best possible environment for him to grow in.  I was his environment while pregnant, so I cleaned up a lot of my life.  I switched over the organic produce and dairy products as much as possible.  I looked up harmful chemicals and dumped a lot of nail polish, eye shadow, soap, etc.  I replaced these with more people-friendly options.  I also quit my regular coffee habit and switched to decaf.  I got serious about yoga, and serious means I actually did it once in a blue moon.  Another issue that I tackled was the internet.  Now, I love the internet as much as anyone.  I may even love it more than most!  However, I was not cool with the whole concept of “wifi waves” assaulting my body or that of my baby {Love the Mr., but I admit he wasn’t my first thought.  Now, I’ve changed my tune and force my protective ways on him too.}.  In our old house, our internet router was right by the wall of H’s nursery.  I made a special request for Verizon to walk me through entering the computer “mainframe” to cut off the wifi.  When we moved to our new house, I had the technician disable to wifi upon installation.  I’m 120% sure he thought I was insane.  He kept giving me odd looks the entire time.  I think he thought I was going to grow a second head when I told him that we also weren’t getting a TV package!  I mean, eat organic food and you’re totally “cool” and a “hipster.”   Say you think wifi is bad and iPhones are “carcinogenic” and you might get voted off the island!

I admit there are times when I want wifi, so I can stalk my favorite people on Instagram or peruse the internet to my heart’s content.  I’ve gotten several “looks” from family members and friends when I talk about my wifi/cell phone=EVIL obsession.  HOW-freakin’-EVER, I feel somewhat vindicated!  When I got my latest issue of Parents magazine {June 2015}, I quickly whipped out my highlighter to thoroughly read the article “wireless worries.”  Read for yourself below.  P.S.  I thought this article had a lot of “heavy hitters” in regards to research and quotes.

IMG_1609 IMG_1610 IMG_1611 IMG_1612 IMG_1613 IMG_1614 IMG_1615

I admit that I’m a rule breaker sometimes and do hold the phone to my head more than I should.  I also use my cell quite frequently as we do not have a landline.  Yikes!  After reading this article, I’m actually going to look into how much that might be.  I love Holden being able to talk to family members, but I hate that he has to use this potentially dangerous thing.  If we get a phone, I’m getting an old school cord phone.  Brining back the 80s!  I remember my grandmother having the corded rotary phone.  That cord would stretch across her kitchen when she was cooking something on the stove!  I’ve also tried using my “airplane mode” some today to reduce my own exposure.  Sorry if you tried to call me!  I was currently cleansing the radiation from moi.  😉  I don’t plan to get rid of my iPhone.  I do plan to tame that beast a little bit.  Who knows?!?!  Maybe I’ll have a regular flip on again someday.  Very vintage.  I thought this article was very good “food for thought” especially if you have little ones.  Their bodies are so much more fragile than ours.

What do you think about all this?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I heard a rather creepy question the other day on the radio – would you rather give up your iPhone for a week or sex for a week?  Women, overwhelmingly, decided they would rather give up sex for a week.  Very interesting, huh?

From the wifi-less house,


P.S.  Don’t call me.  I’m on airplane mode still.  🙂

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