Memorial Day Weekend 2015

What a awesome weekend we’ve had!  Friday started off with a few fun beers and veggie chips at the latest hot spot…aka our backyard.  😉

I sent the Mr. this picture to encourage his speedy arrival at home.


We tried lots of different ones including Skinny Dip!  I love Skinny Dip for frozen yogurt, so…

The verdict was that we need to stick to frozen yogurt!

IMG_1684 IMG_1687 IMG_1689

The little boy below was a little monkey wanting all Mommy and Daddy’s attention that afternoon.  A basket of fresh books {aka long lost ones he hadn’t seen in months} kept his attention for quite some time.  This allowed the grown-ups to talk grown-up stuff.

IMG_1690 IMG_1691

It never ceases to amaze me how blessed I am to get to hang out with the same guy all the time.  I am so thankful that my husband is also my best friend.  You’d think we would have said just about all we could say to one another after being “significant others” for 15 years in December.  Not at all!  I look forward to talking his ears off and seeing his handsome face walk through the door each evening.  To have a fun-filled weekend with him  feels like I won the lottery or something!

We watched Wild with Reese Witherspoon Friday night.  It was a little hard to identify/like the main character, but I am glad that I finally got to see it.

On Saturday morning {very, very early}, we headed off to the Eastern Shore.  We said “hi” to H’s Granny and continued north to meet up with my mom.  H and I spent the day just being lazy with my mom and dad.  It was so nice.  We pulled a few weeds.  Very few indeed.  We went to the local produce stand, and Holden got to ride a tractor and an ATV.  #bestweekendever in his eyes!  IMG_1695

IMG_1697 IMG_1699

While the little prince {aka Holden} was napping, my mom and I just chatted, flipped through the latest issues of Southern Living and Garden & Gun {don’t we feel chic!?!?}, and generally caught up with one another.  It was great!

My mom, dad, H, and I met the Mr. at my brother and sister-in-law’s house for a cook-out.  Wow!  They had so much delicious food!  I mean, who does burgers, hot dogs, soft crab sandwiches, wings, and fried fish!?!?!  My brother the “meat” lover does!  I confess to not being much of a meat person.  Shocker, I know!  😉  I do love a burger, and I tried the fish.  It was so good.  I also had lots of the sides {potato salad, bean salad, macaroni salad, I know…so good}.  My sister brought a yummy cake for dessert.  It was so great to see everyone!  We hit the road at about 7 o’clock for our trip home.

IMG_1700 IMG_1703

There’s our spoiled pooch that goes EVERYWHERE.  He’s such a good traveler despite all his anxiety issues.  Sidenote:  The Memorial Day fireworks may or may not be taking years off his life!

IMG_1705 IMG_1708

Sunday was full of church, groceries, running, and FOOD.  Oh my goodness!  We had homemade pizza {Trader Joe’s whole wheat pizza dough} and eggplant pizza.  We followed that up by a trip to Skinny Dip for frozen yogurt.  Soooo good!

Now to the main event!  Memorial Day!  We just relaxed this morning until about 9.  Then, we packed up and headed to the beach.  Wow, it was busy there!  We didn’t have an issue with parking and were able to get a spot close to the water.  It was just quite a bit more populated than we are used to.  Holden had a great time as usual.  He especially likes his daddy to take him out into the water.  I’m more than willing to let him.  I know I’ll have that duty as soon as summer comes, and it is just me and H at the beach on those weekdays.


I even got to read/flip through a magazine!  Say what!

IMG_1725 IMG_1724

Beach selfie!


First {not cut up} nectarine!  He was a little perplexed by the “hard thing” in the middle.

IMG_1729 IMG_1731

This is him telling his daddy that “I’m ready to go in the water!”  That stick is his walking stick.  Not sure why he needs it for the water!

IMG_1733 IMG_1738

Look at that neck!  Isn’t it the sweetest!  This was the needed snuggles after the chilly water.

We rounded out our beach trip with a visit to Tropical Smoothie.  I love the Paradise Point.  Holden got his very first kid one.  He had strawberry banana.  I think other times we’ve just shared some of ours.IMG_1739 IMG_1740

I’m so excited about our grilling tonight!  We’re having venison, pepper, onion, and tomato kabobs.  Here’s the snack I had earlier…Aren’t things just more enjoyable when you make them pretty!?!?!


I hope you are having a wonderful Memorial Day!


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