5 for Friday

Well, I’ve certainly been MIA this week!  The end of the school year is its own breed of crazy, and {true to form} this next-to-last week has been a doozy.  There is no rhyme or reason to what I’m about to share.  Just laying it out there for ya!  5 “things” on my mind this week…


Job Shifts – There may be a bit of shuffle at my school of the teachers, and I’m one up for a potential change.  Wow, this is always hard for me.  It’s really the up-in-the-air-ness nature of that gets to me.  I start planning in my head how next school year will look, but guess what?  It changes.  Yikes.  As a planner and a concrete thinker, I struggle to just let go and “not worry about it.”  I’m getting lots of practice at this right now.  My number one kinds of leads into number two…


Running – Oh my dear friend.  I always come back to running when I’m worried/stressed/overwrought/______  fill in any emotional crisis.  This past Wednesday was also National Running Day.  Although I didn’t get to run on the actual day, I did enjoy a 4 mile-ish run plus a 1 mile jog with Roscadoo on Tuesday.  I was all excited about head out at about 5 this morning only to be greeted by a nice, steady downpour.  No run for me.  I wasn’t feeling the treadmill option, so I did a little elliptical work and watched really bad music videos on MTV.  I forgot all about MTV’s music videos!  IMG_1809 IMG_1804 IMG_1806 IMG_1807 IMG_1808

Quite a lovely look, huh?!?!


Organization – I’ve been getting excited {very dorky, I know} about some organization projects that I plan to work on this summer.  I really have a few areas of the house that are tucked away from the main thoroughfare that could use some decluttering and organization.  One problem area is Holden’s toy storage.  I order a shelf system for him from Target this past weekend that I ended up paying eleven dollars for.  I had twenty dollars in gift cards from Teacher Appreciation Week, and I used a special promo code they had for organizational system {I think a code to get those college freshman buying stuff!}.  I got free shipping due to my Red Card.


Buy here

We got this except it was a dark cherry.  We also laid it down the long way for better access for H.  I plan on picking up three fabric cubes for storing his do-dads.


I needed a laugh tonight and looked up an old favorite – Ron Burgundy!  Did you see Anchorman back in 2004?  I remember nearly peeing my pants at the theater, but I was literally the only one busting a gut laughing at it!  Check out this funny clip from it.  Have you seen the sequel?  Watching these clips made me want to see it.  I looked it up, and our local library has it.  Even if it’s a little cheesy, sometimes a cheesy laugh is exactly what you need.  🙂


Once summer gets here, I tend to spend even less time dealing with my hair.  My curly-by-nature hair comes out big time!  I’m just about out of my Herbal Instincts mouse that I typically use to “scrunch” my hair, so I’m on the look-out for a new, inexpensive product to help define my curls without making it look greasy or weighed down.  But…I want something “natural” as well that doesn’t seem like a ton of bad chemicals are going into my hair.  Oh the dilemmas of being female!  I found this site that gave me some ideas.  I’d really like to make a trip out to pick up some product at Whole Foods that will do the trick.  Nobody got time for a hair dryer!  Summer is hot enough already!

Well, there you go!  The randoms on my mind this Friday eve!

When words are both true and kind, they can change the world.Buddha Please comment below.

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