School’s Out for the Summer!

Hi there!  It’s Day 1 of summer vacation, and it has been a little unexpected!  Let’s start from our last official day of work/school.   We had a nice countdown chain made out of construction paper hanging up in our dining room.  Holden loved ripping off one link every day and counting how many days were left until summer vacation.  Friday was a teacher work day, and he was thrilled to do the last link!

IMG_1882 IMG_1883

Before I picked him up from daycare, I filled the backseat with balloons.  🙂

IMG_1885 IMG_1886

Wow, he looks so, so, so much like his dad in this one!


He was so over me at this point.  HA!

IMG_1888 IMG_1889 IMG_1890Then, we headed off {with all our balloons} to Skinny Dip for some yummy frozen yogurt and all the fixin’s.

Gotta love ice cream on a hot day!  Speaking of hot, we are experiencing some really high temps!  Saturday was a beach day with Holden’s granny.  He told me that he couldn’t wait to see “his dad’s mom.”  He’s one funny dude!

IMG_1894 IMG_1899

There was a great sandbar at the beach that created a nice kiddie “pool.”  We had a great time, but boy, it was steamy on the beach when you came out of the water.  After our beach day, we all relaxed until the Mr. and I went off for a nice date night.

We ate at Whiskey Kitchen prior to heading to Farm Bureau Live Amphitheater to see Matt Nathanson, The Fray, and Train perform.


I love some sweet potato fries and a crab cake!

IMG_1903 IMG_1905

Spending time without a little one is so priceless!  We had a great time…mostly chatting each other up!  You’d think we would have said about all there is to say after 14.5 years together total and {coming up on} 5 years of marriage.

Sunday was filled with pancakes, church, and swimming.

IMG_1908 IMG_1911 IMG_1912 IMG_1915

I actually took a nap on our front porch.  So not me!  We were all sleepy after our big weekend.  Today, Holden woke up with what looks to be poison ivy under his eye.  Yikes!  We spent our first official day of vacay at the groomers for Mr. Roscoe’s pedicure aka dog torture aka a nail trim, for heaven’s sake!  Then, we went to the park until we almost melted in the sun.  By that time, we had to head off to our doctor’s appointment to get said poison ivy checked out.  Thankfully, it doesn’t seem that Holden is quite as allergic as his dad.  The dr. advised some topical treatment and to keep an eye on it for the next week.

Whew!  What a busy few days!  I also attended a neighbor’s 31 party and caught up with an old friend over dinner.  I loved all these fun things, but I’m looking forward to a couple quiet days this week.  How was your weekend?


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