It’s in the 90s, feels like 100s…let’s go running!

Hi there!  If you’re like me, today has been a sweaty/hot one!  Holden goes to daycare on Tuesdays this summer, so I took advantage of my kid-less time and went to First Landing, our local state park, which boasts both trails and beach access.  Love that place!  I decided to do a five mile run.  At 8 o’clock, it was about 85ish degrees.  The humidity was insane!  I told the Mr. it was like running while breathing in oven air.  Like an oven that is preheating…maybe not 350 degrees yet but definitely preheating!  😉

This picture does NO justice to the amount of sweat I was producing.  Have you ever seen the pores on your legs sweat?  Not pretty.

IMG_1917 IMG_1918

I did my post-run stretching by this beauty of a tree.


I could have gone to the gym.  No shame in the gym treadmill game.  However, there is just nothing that will be a perfect substitution for a hard {physically as well as mentally} run that forces every thought from your mind beside this one – “I may have lost my mind trying to run this today, and I may die/pass out/embarrass myself by vomiting very soon.”  My mind has been far, far too busy, so I was totally okay with torturing myself on this hottest day yet this year.  Just like I thought-all thoughts were banished.  My iPod on shuffle did its job and presented just the songs {with the messages} I needed to hear.  I’m sure everyone has that one thing they do to find some solace and wisdom in this life.  For me, I have to physically exhaust myself to allow my brain to switch off and be open.  What thing(s) do you do to help yourself de-stress, find peace, or perhaps just scare other people with your craziness?  🙂

After that “fun,” I relaxed and journaled a whole heck of a lot.  Then, I consumed a massive amount of sautéed kale and salmon aka leftovers while watching “The Doctors.”  Note:  This NEVER happens when Holden is around.  I compulsively eat in front of the TV or computer when he’s not around.  What can I say?  He makes me live a better/ more adult-like life.


Cleaning was next on the list.  I’m currently procrastinating the last two rooms.  Roscoe the dog was useless, and I plan to fire him as my assistant.  It’s too hot to send him packing today.  Plus, he’s so cute and such a good cuddler.  I guess I’ll keep the lazy thing.


Off to pick up the mini Mr.!  Stay cool {in numerous ways, duh!}.

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