A Wedding Weekend Away

Don’t you just love a wedding?  I get excited when we get invited to attend a wedding as I know that will mean a night out with the Mr.  Well, we were invited not only to the Mr.’s cousin’s wedding but also to the rehearsal dinner!  2 nights!  🙂

We decided to really make a fun time out of it, and the Mr. took off Friday.  After depositing Holden with my parents on Thursday evening, we were free to pack up and head out of town early Friday.  We started off our trip with a little bit of traffic.  Always traffic in this area!  We arrived at York River State Park by about 9:30.  This park was just beautiful with lots of activities to choose from.  We hiked from the trail center down to Fossil Beach.  Fossil Beach is essentially a beach along the York River where the coastline is very steep.  The land is eroding rapidly and abruptly.  You can easily see fossilized shells and the layers from various time periods.

IMG_1999 IMG_2048 IMG_2002 IMG_2003 IMG_2004 IMG_2005 IMG_2007 IMG_2008 IMG_2009 IMG_2010 IMG_2011 IMG_2013 IMG_2014 IMG_2016 IMG_2017 IMG_2018 IMG_2019 IMG_2020 IMG_2021 IMG_2022 IMG_2023 IMG_2024 IMG_2025 IMG_2026 IMG_2027

We also hiked on some more connecting trails back to the trail center.

IMG_2028 IMG_2029 IMG_2030

The view above is our picnic spot.  I just love a good picnic.

IMG_2032 IMG_2035 IMG_2036

We rented a canoe and paddled back on this twisty and turny Taskinas Creek.  Lots of wildlife was spotted all day.  Squirrels, deer, eagles, and a muskrat!  We had a great {sweaty!} time here.  Unfortunately, I concluded later in our trip that I picked up some nasty little chiggers from our exploring.  So, so itchy!  If you don’t know what a “chigger” is, read about them here.  

After our outdoor adventures, we headed over to Colonial Williamsburg.  The rehearsal dinner was at Le Yaca in Williamsburg, but we had about an hour to step back in to colonial times prior to getting ready to go.

Pictured below is the beautiful Williamsburg Inn.  We stayed at the Lodge, but I couldn’t resist a picture of this place.

IMG_2039 IMG_2040 IMG_2041

The Governor’s Palace –


Anyone have a clue what kind of tree this is?  Looks like a big tree with green beans on it to me!

IMG_2043 IMG_2044

This was the place we celebrated with a delicious dinner on our 1 year anniversary.  Little did we know that I was pregnant!  Great memories in Williamsburg!


We browsed a souvenir stand, and I took a picture of this book.  I caught a few minutes of the AMC series “Turn” while at the gym recently.  It looked really good.  Next book?  Anyone seen the series?


I know H would have loved the wooden item below, but the boy is ALWAYS making a gun out of something (case in point:  his roll at dinner last night!).  We are trying to be PC and prevent him being kicked out of school later in life for folding his paper into the share of a G-U-N.  The struggle is real, people.


My handsome dinner date –

IMG_2051 IMG_2052 IMG_2053

Day 2 of our weekend away took us to Go Ape! at Freedom Park.  We took on some obstacles and zip lining.  This was our 5 year anniversary gift to each other.  The traditional gift is wood, so I guess hanging around up in the trees like monkeys for the day counts?!?!?  Here’s a video via YouTube of some other people doing the course.  At about 50 seconds in, you see a ring obstacle that required you to put your foot in and out and swing to move along.  It was so, so, so hard!  My shoulder (including the not-so-great one) were pinging!  I made it across though (so did the Mr.!)!  We had a FABULOUS time.  Both of our days provided lots of FUN exercise.  I absolutely love doing things like that!  It is always so fun, and the Mr. is the perfect partner.  Good thing I married him, huh?!?!  Now, I so want to go to another one!  There is a local park in Virginia Beach at the Aquarium, Adventure Park.  Here’s a preview video I found on YouTube of this park.  The picture below shows the check-in cabin and the kids’ course.  Those kids looked like they were having the times of their lives!  Holden will LOVE this in a few more years!  P.S.  That’s a dad in the picture.  He looked like he was having an OK time too.  😉

IMG_2055 IMG_2056

We had a nice lunch at an off-the-beaten-path restaurant called The Carrot Tree.  Totally a great stop if your in the Williamsburg-Jamestown-Yorktown area.  Great reviews on TripAdvisor!  IMG_2057 IMG_2058

Soon, it was time for the main event, the wedding!  The setting was beautiful at the Inn at Warner Hall.  We lucked out and avoided some potential storms, and it was just a beautiful night!

IMG_2073 IMG_2063 IMG_2064 IMG_2065 IMG_2066 IMG_2067

Two letters from Robert E. Lee framed above –


I just love a second story balcony!


So pretty!

IMG_2074 IMG_2075 IMG_2079

Sunday was spent saying our goodbyes and traveling to pick up our little ones, Roscoe P. and Holden.


We wished the Mr. the happiest of Father’s Day.  He is my rock, my constant that grounds me.  No words can express how thankful and blessed I feel that I get him to do this parenting thing with.  If Holden ends up just like his daddy, I will be thrilled {okay, maybe 90% his dad!}. He works very hard at everything he does and every role including that of “dad.”  Happy Father’s Day, my darling!

A “Happy Father’s Day” to my dad as well!  He got to enjoy the role that many dads get promoted to, grandfather aka “Poppy.” I know Holden just had a blast with him as well as his “Moochie” this weekend.  Thanks again!

Whew!  After that weekend, this Monday had to be low-key with a quick beach trip for some kiddo play time with our new friends and a grocery store trip.  Hope your weekend was great and that you stayed cool!


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