The Art of Vacation Hopping – Part II

I hope the picture overload wasn’t too much for you yesterday.  I love looking back at pictures from happy times and just from life in general.  I think most people do!

When we left off, the little man and I were anxiously anticipating Daddy’s arrival for the 4th of July long weekend.

I started off July 3rd with a nice, steamy run.  I love doing runs she i don’t know the distance.  I just run and keep an eye on my watch to make sure I’m not gone forever.  Boy, was it humid!  I missed a water gun fight {which was just fine with me!} but did jump in Granny’s pool after my run.

Most of the day was spent hanging out with Holden’s Memè and C-Pa.  We did stop by a sweet little girl’s 4th birthday party in the afternoon.  Holden got an awesome “treat bag” with lots of goodies.  Check out the glow sword below!  We had lots of delicious food all day that ended with frozen yogurt and {my favorite!} toppings.  IMG_2251


Then, the Fourth!  Holden had some help from his fan club in the decoration department.  His bike was amazingly decorated for the parade in the nearby town of Accomac.

IMG_2256  IMG_2258 IMG_2259 IMG_2263

Pictured below is Holden’s newest best good friend, Wally!  This dog is over the moon for Holden, and I’m pretty sure Holden feels the same.  🙂  Wally joined us in the parade.  He was a little worried about Holden getting too far away from him.  Very sweet!

IMG_2264 IMG_2268

Holden with his Memè

IMG_2270 IMG_2273 IMG_2274 IMG_2275 IMG_2299

And the reward for all that peddling was…a Popsicle!

IMG_2282 IMG_2283 IMG_2285

I had such fun making these sweet memories with these sweet people.  Later, everyone took out the kayaks.  I missed out on the kayak adventure due to some pretty consistent shoulder pain, but it sure looked fun!



IMG_2294 IMG_2295

What a full day!  The evening was spent at the Onancock parade and a picnic.  Although I didn’t know a lot of the people there, I think the Mr. thoroughly enjoyed seeing old acquaintances.

IMG_2300 IMG_2302

The Mr. set off some fireworks at the “kid firework hour” of 8:00ish.

IMG_2304 IMG_2306 IMG_2308

A boy and his {other} dog  🙂  I think Wally was okay with this tight squeeze from his Holden.  We were all just beat after this awesome day!  Unfortunately for Roscoe the Dog, the real fireworks started up around ten despite the stormy weather.  Roscoe and I spent a few hours dozing in the chair while I held his little anxious body still and quiet.  Oh the things we do for our pets!  Thankfully, all was eventually quiet, and it was back to bed for us.  The final day of our weekend was very relaxed with lots of sitting around, catching up with yet another aunt and uncle-to-be {how did he get so lucky to have so many?!?!?}, and {again!} eating great food!  We also watched C-Pa and the Mr. practice their bow skills.  He looks pretty handsome up there doesn’t he?


My little one isn’t really a fan of “down time,” so Memè pulled out the art supplies.  I think trucks, fish, and dinosaurs were the main interests.


I admit to craving my own bed and a little quiet time as we prepared to head back home.  However, I also confess to being a bit sad that our family vacation with family came to an end.  Holden had no qualms telling me that he didn’t want to go!  Sorry bud!  Your ours!  🙂  It is very safe to say that we felt very blessed to have such a wonderful family AND to be able to spend time with them.  Although we plan to visit again for a long weekend or two before school starts up again in September, this was our longest trip planned.  You can definitely tell the difference of being able to spend quality time with each of Holden’s grandparents aka our parents!  You forget how much you miss and love them!

Okay, that got a little touchy feely!  🙂  Have a great hump day!  The weekend is coming!


One thought on “The Art of Vacation Hopping – Part II

  1. Beautiful beautiful. And so true. It was great having you visit. Looking forward to more fun as we go and grow…… Love mommy

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