5 for Friday

Hey there!  What a busy week!  This week shall be titled “We Get Our Mess Together.”  Dirty floors and dirty clothes were tackled along with a slightly bushy yard and some daily swimming lessons for the little man.  Let’s jump right into “5 things” from this week!


Nice customer service – I mean, it really can improve your day!  Since we had NO FOOD in the house, we had to make a trip to Trader Joe’s.  I love how friendly they are and how they also take the time to have a little conversation with Holden.  We spotted Shelby, the Trader Joe’s turtle, hiding amongst the oranges, so H got a lollipop.  We also had to pick up some dry cleaning this week at the local cleaners.  The couple that run it are so friendly and always take the time to chat.  She even offered H a blue Spiderman lollipop.  🙂



New Recipes – I tried two new recipes this week, Summer Vegetable Pie and Cauliflower Crust Pizza.  Well, the first was a huge success!  It was so satisfying and loaded with good veggies.  Here is the recipe.  I highly recommend it.  The Mr. and the little one loved it too.  The second was so-so.  The crust was not crispy at all, and I had to eat it with a fork.  However, the taste was right on.



Summer School – We are continuing our hit-or-mess summer school which basically just involves working on letter identification and letter sound knowledge.  We have studied J, T, M, R, S, and B.  I decided to follow the letter study order outlined by the word study program my school uses in kindergarten/first grade.  In the picture below, H is “fishing” for the letter I say or the corresponding sound I give.  This could also be a fun bath activity.  I let him use my tongs as they will work his hand muscles more for fine motor development.

IMG_2322 IMG_2323

We also have been doing some painting.  This is how H feels about painting…


Ha!  He’s a good sport though and painted with me for…oh, maybe five minutes tops!

IMG_2337 IMG_2343 IMG_2339 IMG_2340 IMG_2342


Clothesline – This week I finally got the supplies from Home Depot to make our own clothesline.  I put on eye hook into our deck post and the other in the tree.  Later, I felt really bad about hurting the tree, so I took it out.  I plan on using H’s swing set to help hold up the other end.  I bough 100 feet of clothesline (yes, it is really called that).  The Mr. is none too thrilled as his clothes did dry a little stiff.  🙂  I, however, really liked it.  I’m hoping to get home from our adventures today in time to do another load and hang them out to dry.  IMG_2329


Swimming – We’ve been going everyday this week so far to swimming lessons for 50 minutes.  H is having a blast!  Yesterday, he went off the diving board (with a helping hand)!  I’m hoping to see him take a jump all by himself by the end of lessons next week.

IMG_2334 IMG_2336



I love my husband.  He is definitely my #1 in all ways, and I know I’m his.  Our days are busy as they are for most people.  It is so nice to take the time out to really let your feelings out.  If you haven’t completed the online Love Language quiz, I urge you to do so.  More importantly, be sure your husband/wife takes it too.  My love language is “words of affirmation.”  If I’m remembering correctly, the Mr. was pretty split between “physical touch” and “quality time.”  I think he may have even ranked high in “acts of service” too.  Armed with that knowledge, you can be sure your special person knows how much you love him/her by “speaking the language,” and flowers are always a safe bet.  Thanks darling!


Happy Friday friends!


4 thoughts on “5 for Friday

  1. So very sweet as was the lovely hand written note we received this morning. Hope you are having a wonderful start to the day! It is so quiet and restful here. Love M

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