Last Day of Swimming Lessons + Winter Thoughts in July

Hi there!  We started off our day with a sugar rush.  Today’s letter was D, and D stood for doughnuts!  I used this Real Simple recipe to make some hot, sugary treats for breakfast.


H’s pajamas are from Old Navy. – click here to buy



H finished up his first round of swimming lessons today.  Although I’ve had some time for reading/list making, I’m relieved the commitment is over.  We decided to enroll him in lessons at another place that start next Monday.  This will be quite different as it will only be four children and one instructor, thirty minutes {versus fifty}, a heated indoor pool, and seems to be a more focused lesson on learning the mechanics of swimming {versus the playful nature of the last ones}.  We’ll see how it goes!  H is excited as this place/pool is primarily a dive center.  There were actual scuba divers in the pool practicing/learning when we enrolled him.  He pretended to be a scuba diver for about thirty minutes this morning…just swimming around the den!

Back to today – My view for the first part of the lesson today…That tomato sandwich looks amazing!  I ended up slicing two skinny pieces from a delicious tomato for a mayo-tomato open face sandwich today.  I paired that with a salad, heavy on humus and pickles.


He made great progress over the course of the past two weeks!  Unfortunately, it was a chilly day {no sun, last night’s rain dropped the temps}, so he was less than thrilled with being in the water.  Here he is below doing his swimming thing…


I believe that’s him running into the instructor in the red swimsuit.  It kind of looks like chaos, but today was the “reward day.”  Kids got to play in the water mushroom, go down the twisty slide, and jump off the diving board.  Well, H was having none of any of that.  He came running over to me wanting to dry off and go home.  I convinced him {after lots and lots of talking and some tears} to give the slide a try.  I got 0 pictures since I was actually at the top of the slide with him, BUT he did it!  Somehow, I managed to convince him that he should do the diving board one more time {he did it twice before with one of the instructors kind of lowering him into the water a little}.  After waiting in the breezy air for a bit, he was way chilly and way grumpy about the whole thing.  He wasn’t too thrilled about just jumping himself, but he did let me lower him in from the end of the diving board.  I was so proud of him!

It seems like the Nordstrom sale is all over the internet!  I was doing a little perusing and was reminded of how I so want to get H a good winter gear set up this year.  He really needed a better coat/glove combo last winter, and I vowed to get it straight early this year.  Here are some options I’m thinking of…


Columbia Boys’ Powder Lite Puffer – currently 49.99


L.L. Bean’s Power Puffer Jacket – currently 59.99


North Face Denali E-Tip Gloves – currently 17.90

These are unavailable until tomorrow unless you have a Nordstrom’s credit card.  FYI 🙂

Do you have any brands/suggestions for winter gear?  It seems like some places are having decent sales going on the nicer products.  It does seem a little crazy to spend lots of $$$ on something that he’ll grow out of so quickly, but boy, he got really chilly in a hurry last winter when we were playing outside.  I love how we spend so much time outdoors in the spring/summer.  I hope to keep that going into fall.  Perhaps some warm gear will be a help!


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