Swimming and Storming

Hi there!  It’s a quiet Sunday morning here while the dog and kiddo sleep.  We made a quick trip to visit family on Friday evening and were back in our own beds this past evening. The Mr. wanted to do some work on his hunting property, so H and I joined him for the ride.  Instead of doing lots of manual labor in the woods, we played, visited the local farmers’ market, and did lots of pool swimming!  Which would you pick?  😉

Before we left on Friday, we squeezed in our weekly beach trip.  I really made it a goal this summer to do more of these, and we’ve been achieving this goal!

IMG_2428 IMG_2429

Check out this cutie!  He thought he was so funny in Mommy’s stuff!


Here’s my pretty Saturday morning view walking around my mother-in-love’s (I truly think mother-in-law sounds a little scary – crazy to think I’ll officially be one in the future!) garden.

IMG_2437 IMG_2438 IMG_2439

Isn’t the picture above a great one for the saying – Bloom where you are planted.  This pretty one is just popping up right in the walkway. 🙂

IMG_2441 IMG_2445

What lucky ducks are we!  We visited two different pools yesterday!  You can tell it had really gotten overcast in the second picture.  I love the Mr. and H’s closed eyes like the were bracing for impact!  I’m so glad we joined the Mr. on this quick trip, but..what a storm we came home too!  The lightning was crazy, and the flooding was too!  Poor Roscoe the dog was very, very, very upset about the whole thing.  He ended up riding the last leg of the trip in my lap and the last few miles in his daddy’s lap.


Thankfully, I had a Cracker Barrel gift card left over from the end-of-the-year student presents.  We used that to pick up dinner to-go. I got totally soaked getting in and out.  While I was waiting for the rest of our order (I mean, we gotta have the biscuits!), I snapped this picture that reminded me of my sister and a little bit of the Mr. and I (although we aren’t hardcore like her).


Well, my favorite thing last night was to get home, eat, and put my PJs on!  Hope you had a great weekend so far!


One thought on “Swimming and Storming

  1. Love it again. On the way to the beach by boat with big plans to get to THE BEACH. AKA MORE OF MY AWESOME FAMILY TIME LATER ON TODAY. LOVE TO ALL M

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