Catching up…

Hi there!  Whew!  The past week or so has been a doozy!  H had his last day at his daycare which may not sound like a big deal.  However, it was!  I was upset.  He was upset {probably due to me 😦 }.  Sweets and flowers were sent to those ladies, and I wished I could do more.  He has been going to this particular at-home daycare since he was six months old.  I trust them completely and know that they have supported us in many ways!  His sweet voice saying “Mommy, may I get go play?  I’m all done with dinner.” is not something that I worked with him on. Totally them working on table manners, teaching sharing, kissing boo-boos, reading books, doing crafts, etc.  The list is way too long.  We will truly miss them and the familiarity and security of H spending his days there!  Pictured below are H’s fruit pizzas that he carried for his friends…


H rode his bike to his new preschool, and we met the nice teacher who will work with him when he starts summer camp there on Tuesday.  He was so excited that he was waving to me and telling me bye-bye!  Sorry, bud!  You’re stuck with me until Tuesday.

In other news, we finished up our swimming lessons for the second time.  It was so worth the extra effort, time, and money.  The Mr., H, and I went off to the pool yesterday afternoon, and we were amazed by his swimming.  He was underwater, doing flips, jumping off the side!  So impressed with how confident and excited he is about swimming now!  Pictured below is H working with the sweet instructor on his back float.  This is definitely not his favorite, but he has come a long way with it.





Here’s our Michael Phelps doing some swimming at Granny’s.  Apparently, he couldn’t be bothered with his bathing suit!


The Mr. and I were talking yesterday how much swimming is again!  It’s too fun having a little one to swim around with!  We were having underwater parties and pretending to be scuba divers!  Later, the boys took naps while I got to continue my daily yoga practice {!}.  Can you believe it?!?!?  I’ve actually been doing yoga for about 5 days straight!  Dinner was salmon, rice, and spinach.  I just love salmon!  It ended up being a very relaxing Sunday.


I love sautéed spinach, but I hate how little it actually makes once you cook it down.  H was not a fan but enjoyed carrots and cucumbers with hummus instead.

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