To Blog or Not to Blog…

Hi there!  Boy, I’ve been doing heavy thinking for almost a week now about blogging, social media, basically our technology world!  I had decided to quit blogging and not renew my site.  Yes, I actually pay to have this site.  Once a year.  I always think of other ways I’d like to spend the money too!  I really thought I wanted to use my time in a different way.  Truthfully, sometimes I feel burdened by blogging.  Like, I really should give an update especially for the family who reads it to keep up with H.  I feel guilty taking the time to do it instead of taking on the other tasks and projects that could be done at home.  So this is where I was…until last night.

I talked with my art therapist aka my best good friend who counseled me free of charge about creativity and the desire to be more “arty” for lack of a better word.  She recommended a book called The Artist’s Way. She had lots of other good tips/advice too.  Plus, I just like talking to her.  🙂  I sat down last night to read the introduction and the first chapter.  Although I’m unsure I’ll delve into the full load of work that is laid out in the book to discover your inner child’s creativity (warning!  It is a little “out there.”  The Mr. was like…what are you talking about!?!), I did already find the book beneficial.  I thought about what I enjoy, what I feel good at, how I express my creativity- – -my inner child.  😉

Duh!  One aspect of that is blogging!  I told the Mr. last night that I thought I had no hobbies.  He gave a snort and said oh yes I do!  So here goes…the hobby-less girl’s hobby list to prove to myself that I am creative and I don’t need to go buy a set of oil paint to prove it!  (P.S.  Not that you should worry about proving it to anyone anyways!):

  • cooking – I rarely follow a recipe in totality but prefer to make it up or add in.  Usually tasty, never reproduced!
  • blogging – Picture taking and writing – I actually enjoy composing the post.  Thinking about how to express yourself has got to stave off Alzheimer’s right????
  • outings/trips/plans – I like to do new things with H and pretty much with anyone!  I guess you could say I “creatively” plan!
  • hair – I hate wearing my hair the same way all the time.  I could never have a “signature” hairstyle!  Curly, straight, bangs, no bangs, braid, twist, high bun, low bun, ponytail…etc.
  • work-outs – This is new, but I’m getting very creative in varying my work-outs, trying new ones.  Guess what?  I’m actually on a one week yoga streak!  Yes, I have done it!  Created a yoga habit!  Love Yoga with Adriene on YouTube for home yoga!  Plus, I went to my first fitness class ever on Monday night that was a yoga class – 1 hour later, I only feel over a few times!  I’m planning on trying a few more with my flexible summer schedule.

So there!  I am creative.  I am an artist.  Maybe not to the letter of the official definition, but in some aspects, I sure am!

1. One, such as a painter, sculptor, or writer, who is able by virtue of imagination and talent or skill to create works of aesthetic value, especially in the fine arts.

2. person whose work shows exceptional creative ability or skill: You are an artist in the kitchen.
3. One, such as an actor or singer, who works in the performing arts.

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