5 for Friday

This week has flown by in one big blur!  I can’t believe it’s Friday already!  Don’t get me wrong…I’m very happy about it.  Even though I’m off on these summer days, the best thing about the weekend is having the Mr. at home.  He is truly my best friend and partner in weekend adventuring.  We are currently trying to decide what our weekend plans are going to be, and I must say we always have a lot of choices!  I’m so thankful to live near so many “activities” like the zoo, aquarium, parks, museums, beaches, etc.  Speaking of things to do…let’s jump into this list of five things on my mind this Friday!


August Goals – I did A-OK on my July goals…

1)  Read MORE!

I finished 3 (!) books.

2)  Yoga, good grief!  Will I ever make this goal?!?!?!?  Goal is 3x each week in July!

Going strong on a over a week straight of yoga!

3)  Pictures!  I really want to organize all, print some, and save all the good ones to our external hard drive.  It is overwhelming to think about!

Did nothing with this!  Still overwhelmed! 

4)  More beach days!  🙂


5)  See a baseball game

Did this! 

6)  Make popsicles again

We have enjoyed lots of store-bought popsicles.  🙂


I’m planning to bake cookies for an upcoming visit with family and the church’s prison ministry.  Lime crinkle for family and the specific recipes for the church.  The ministry takes the cookies to a local prison.  The team works with inmates there and really are just a Christian shoulder for them to lean on.  The amount of cookies they need is staggering!  I hope to make about 4 dozen.

I am really going to try to get those pictures organized before summer is over!  I so don’t want to though!  We still have not ordered our shutters to go with the new trim color on our house.  I can see this being something we put off another 6 or 8 months if I don’t put in on a list.

So the storage area…we have an extra bedroom (not the guest) room that’s purpose is intended to be another child’s room.  Basically, it is a hot mess (both in actuality and in emotions) of all types of gear and clothing that H has used up until this point in his life.  I just can’t deal with it all by myself (I wrote about why here), so (lucky Mr.) I plan to organize it one afternoon with the Mr.  I’m not sure when that’ll be…maybe this weekend!

One more massage to calm down before the storm of the school year!

Beach, beach, beach – soon I’ll be freezing all the time and wishing for some sand between my toes!


Fresh Produce – I will miss all the fresh, seasonal produce once fall arrives.  H and I went to  a local farmer’s market yesterday and picked up some veggies plus his pick of fresh figs.  I just love figs!  Unfortunately, all our family connections to fresh figs lost theirs in the harsh winter.

IMG_2537 IMG_2538 IMG_2539

Check out that kale camouflaged with the grass!  We are eating like some bunny rabbits!


Purging – I did a major purge of housewares and clothing this past weekend/Monday.  The back of my car was full of goodies for Goodwill.  It was the best feeling!  I love feeling lighter ad seeing less mess when I look in my closet or around my house.  I totally didn’t let sentimentality or how much the item originally cost affect my “purging.”  Have I worn it in the past year?  Do I love it?  Does it look old/tired/worn?  Great questions to use when cleaning out your closet!

Here are a few more from Good Housekeeping.

Number three kind of leads to number four…


House Style – The Mr.’s decor style is decidedly traditional, and I am (decidedly) not.  This has caused some angst between the two of us when we discuss house plans (totally daydreams!), new furniture, etc.  We have been blessed to not have to spend a whole lot on furniture due to hand-me-down gifts from family all of which are very solidly made pieces.  HOWEVER, I confess to being a modern minimalist.  To say it around my husband is almost like saying a curse word.  🙂  I joke that I want my nursing home room to completely reflect “me.”  Well, I decided to work on that gradually throughout my current life rather than waiting for my sweet room at the assisted living.  Here are a couple quizzes I took for fun to hone in on what in the world I actually liked!

Coastal Living Quiz

Houzz Quiz

Here are some images I like!

45e5d099773d1d24540f46b043cb8694 51bd5987dbd0cb1f11001692._w.150_h.150_s.centercrop_ aHR0cCUzQSUyRiUyRnN0eWxlLWZpbGVzLmNvbSUyRndwLWNvbnRlbnQlMkZ1cGxvYWRzJTJGMjAxNCUyRjEwJTJGdGFtc2ludDEuanBn DSC_0841

You can see my other images on my Pinterest board – all above images from Pinterest.


My Plants! – H and I selected some hardy house plants from Home Depot, and I’m taking another stab at gardening on a very small scale.  I love seeing them peeking over the sofa.


Any favorite recipes using summer produce?

Any tips for indoor gardening?

Have a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “5 for Friday

    • I feel like I had to be in the right frame of mind to really get a habit going. I tried for so long to force it. This summer I’ve really let go of the need to constantly work out hard and focus on total wellness (mental/spiritual) too. Best of luck! 🙂

  1. I’ve set yoga goals over and over again – but I never follow through. And I’m not sure why I don’t because I always feel better afterwards. I’m about to start up again soon. I hope we are both successful this time!

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