Good day, my friend!

Do you like that colonial greeting??  Before I share where we spent our Saturday, let’s talk about the school supply situation.  Can you believe that my little boy had need of school supplies??!?!?  No pencils were on the list.  However, we battled it out with the other parents at the local Wal-Mart Super Center for the tax-free markers, glue, etc.  I’m so excited for him!  I know he’s going to love being in school again.  He really loves to ask questions and understand how/why things work.  I’m sure he’s ready for someone besides dear Mom giving him that info.  I’m going to miss our “school time/craft time” in the early morning.  Check out my sweet pipe cleaner bracelet!

IMG_2546 IMG_2547



Admittedly, it can be a bit tiring when he asks “why” for just about everything, but I’m constantly amazed at his inquisitive mind and big memory bank!  He remembers things from last year that I had forgotten all about!  Although I know the school year will {most likely} be great for him, I selfishly will miss having him all to myself.  Only two more years until kindergarten!  Wow.  Friday’s school supply loot-  Not pictured were the the required baggies and tissues…plus he needs some family photos.  I’ve got to get on with my August goal of picture/print organization!



We also rode bikes in a slight drizzle on Friday just to get some energy out and fresh air.  Friday night was a living room picnic with pizza and Peter Pan.  Don’t you just love alliteration?!?!  P, P, P!



I received an email earlier in the week that Colonial Williamsburg was free for Hampton Roads residents for a week in August (Aug. 7-14).  I just love free!  We packed up a picnic and headed there for the day.  I was a little apprehensive that H was too young for it, but he ended up really enjoying it!  Now, I’m not saying we really saw and did everything we could or that he totally understood the “old-fashioned city” with the “old-fashioned” people in period costumes who were totally in character most the time.  He just loved looking, running around, sticking his toes in clay, talking to people, and just generally being a happy, curious boy.

IMG_2563 IMG_2564 IMG_2565 IMG_2567 IMG_2568 IMG_2570
IMG_2573 IMG_2576 IMG_2578

First stop was the jail!  H had lots of question about how the food got in and the potty at the top of the stairs.  😉  Then, we went to the Benjamin Powell house.  He helped out with some washing in the kitchen and checked out herbs.  Inside the house, he made a little scented sachet with mint, rose petals, and lavender.  We also sat down with some games for a brief moment.

IMG_2580 IMG_2581

Our morning snack was this authentically colonial ginger cake.  I had read online about how delicious these were.  We loved them!  You can buy them from a vendor on the street or at the bakery behind the Raleigh Tavern.  There’s a nice picnic area behind the bakery that’s shady.  You can also enjoy them in the little brick courtyard like we did.  I’d love to try reproducing them at home with this recipe.

Next, we were off to the military encampment.  We were the “new recruits” and practiced using our sticks muskets with the sergeant.  We also learned about the drums and fife and firearms in general.


Currently, H is having some fun with daddy’s ear.  🙂


As we walked over to this area above, a little boy came up to H and very conspiratorially whispered to him, “these are real weapons!”  He was probably about the same age as H.  Cracked me up!  Next stop- the brickyard!  We got a little info about brick making and then did some “clay treading” which was actually done to prepare the clay to be formed into bricks.  It felt so good while we were in it, but what a mess!

IMG_2589 IMG_2590 IMG_2591

The Mr. and I aren’t big toy buyers except for special occasions, but we decided this was one!  We went off to one of the stores and “helped” (i.e. steered him away from the $20 wooden pistols) him pick out a $7 pop gun which he absolutely loves.  I also picked up a Little Golden Book titled “Our Flag.”

IMG_2593 IMG_2596

Although we were super ready for lunch at this point, there was a march taking place from the Capitol to the Palace Green.

IMG_2598 IMG_2599

We followed behind them as they marched until we arrived at our picnic spot on the Palace Green.  So pretty!


After sandwiches and other yummies (plus the Mr. having to scare off a bold squirrel SEVERAL times), H and I went in Bruton’s Parish Church while the Mr. relaxed in the shade.

IMG_2607 IMG_2608 IMG_2610 IMG_2611
IMG_2613 IMG_2614 IMG_2615


Isn’t it beautiful!  Despite several visits to Williamsburg, I had never been inside.  Very glad I finally made it!

We headed home after this last stop.  We had a very tired boy in the backseat.


P.S.  There was no danger in snapping this pic as we were stopped in some traffic.  Traffic coming and going actually.  😦

Sunday was slightly quieter with church and a little bit of swimming at the beach.  I love these free summer days!  The biggest luxury is knowing that we don’t have to be “on” or “ready to go” as of Monday morning.  I can be more of a Yes! mom, because I know that I’ll have the time during the week to clean up/take care of the less fun aspects of life.  I always hope to keep this attitude into the school year, but I think it is just what makes summer special.  We are loving our summer days!  Three more weeks!  🙂

How was your weekend?

Do you notice a shift in how you do things/attitude in the summer versus other seasons?

Any good ginger-related recipes?


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