5 for Friday

It’s that time again!  Wow, the days are flying by for me {two weeks left of summer vacation!}.  I’ve really enjoyed being home with H, and I’ll miss him so much once we are back in the full swing of the school year.  I think he may even be looking forward to it as he asks me “when will I eat lunch with my friends?”  Really, dude?!?!?  You’re three!  Mommy is your best bud and top priority, right???  🙂  Here are five randoms on my mind this Friday morning…


H’s school bag – Last year, H’s church preschool that he went to two days a week required a book bag.  Well, the new preschool requires a tote bag.  I love consulting Etsy for random buys like this.  I got him this bag.


I did really like these too.  Images from Etsy.

il_570xN.503411734_c420 il_570xN.499095974_my1x

He likes to sling his bag over his head.  Kind of reminds me of an explorer or something.  When I see him at the end of each summer camp day, he always tells me he had fun and a good day at his new preschool.  What answered prayers!


No Naps Here – Well, there may be a quickie, but that’s it.  I think we are saying our formal “good-byes” to H’s longish naps.  Most days, he is quiet in his room for maybe 30-45 minutes.  Then, he asks if it’s time to get up.  No, sir.  Ha!  To provide more of down time for me, I’ve been going into H’s room and putting a few books or something on his bed.  I tell him that he can play quietly in his bed until I come and get him.  This usually lasts for 30-45 minutes depending on lots of variables.


Yesterday’s “nap!”


Reading! – Who can believe it!?!?!  I’ve actually read some fiction this summer….thanks to my mother.  🙂  I tend to gravitate towards nonfiction (i.e. self-help, parenting, etc.).  I still have some of those I’m working on.


She highly recommended both of these books.  I think I liked The Shoemaker’s Wife better, but Tiffany Girl was a very easy, quick read about a time in our nation’s history.  I’ve been mainly reading after H has gone to bed or a bit during nap time.


Popsicles – the obsession continues.  These are AMAZING.  When you’re eating one, you become slightly confused like maybe you’re on some tropical island, and a local just whipped this up for you in the seaside restaurant.  Sounds good, right?


Seriously, try them if you can.  Dee-licious!


Cookies – H and I baked cookies for the Mr. and as a treat for the weekend.  As you may remember, the Mr. took 6 flights on Thursday to various locales for work.  We were thinking about him all day, and I thought some cookies might let him know that.

The picture below is terrible.  However, the cookies are very good.  Love this lemon {which I change to lime} crinkle cookie recipe! 



Do you have any favorite “summery” cookie recipes?

Any good summer reads for these last few days?


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