DIY: How to Stay Chill When Life Gets Tricky

Hi there!  This post is dedicated to my previous behaviors that were SO not chill.  I am admittedly a worry-wart, pessimist, negative Nelly, and generally “the sky is falling!” gal.  Over the course of the past month, I’ve been making some conscious efforts {more successful on some days than others} to up my “chill out” ability.  Now, this is practically fighting genetics!  Even though these things/actions that I’m going to list may seem simple or well-known, they are what have worked for me.  The trick is to actually DO IT.  🙂  Why do I want to chill out you may ask?  Well, the truth is that my natural tendencies can be very handy when there is an intense day at work or perhaps an issue happens at home, but I am pretty sure that it is not good to demonstrate these not-chill behaviors over a prolonged period of time aka life.

  • SLEEP – I’m trying to sleep more.  It’s a struggle.  I’m the type of person who gets excited about the next day or invested in a project when I should be in bed.  I’m aiming to be in bed by 9 each night.  This is really the best time for me as I plan on getting up about 5:15 each day once the school year starts.  I’ve also accomplished the ability to nap occasionally.  I think I may have taken 4 or so in the past month.  This is a record, people!  I’m usually too excited to get something done when H is sleeping/jumping on his bed in his room.
  • JOURNALING – I use my journal as a place to record Bible verses that really hit home with me.  I also use it as a place to record my worries, blessings, etc.  I think this is very helpful, but the key is to be brutally honest in your journal and just dump everything.
  • YOGA – I’ve made it a habit.  FINALLY!  I’ve been doing yoga almost every day but at least every other for about four weeks now.  I love all the breathing and flow of it.  I even purchased a membership to a local studio through Groupon to really help me make sure I’m practicing some of the moves correctly.  My strength training has taken a back seat to yoga. Who would have thought it?  It has been very helpful for my achy shoulder that is still in recovery mode.
  • MEDITATION – This one is tricky.  I’ve been doing a few of theses ranging in time from five minutes to fifteen minutes.  Some days go better than others.  I would say I’ve been doing this about three times a week.  YouTube is my source for different ones.
  • RELAX EXPECTATIONS – I’ve really tried not to set myself up for failure {i.e. a to-do list a mile long} or put myself in negative situations.  I think as women we have a tendency to have ridiculously high expectations of ourselves AND overextend ourselves.  The end result is tragic and ultimately destructive.  I’ve tried to make conscious choices about setting a relaxed pace for the day {thank you summer vacation for the possibility!} and remove myself when things/people are a bit too much.
  • SWIMMING – I’ve really enjoyed swimming this summer.  I’ve been swimming everywhere!  In the bay, in the ocean, the gym’s pool, friend’s pool, mother-in-love’s pool…anywhere there is a pool!  It’s so peaceful.  If you have a chance to swim and some goggles, my favorite thing to do is lay on my back under the water and look up.  Everything is quiet, and the world seems far away.  You can let an air bubble or two trickle out just to watch them float up to the surface.  So relaxing!
  • DRINK HOT BEVERAGES – I quit coffee, but I’ve replaced it with tea and/or hot water with lemon and honey.  I like to have it twice a day or shoot…maybe three times!
  • GET SOME SUNSHINE – I’ve been going outside without sunscreen!  Don’t tell my dermatologist, but I’ve been taking morning walks or afternoon walks without sunscreen to get some Vitamin D.  Great facts about how good it is for you!  P.S.  H only skips the sunscreen if it’s pretty early in the AM.
  • TALK LESS – Try to talk about your worries less {this is when you could use that journal!}.  Focusing too much time on worries/complaints is a major bad habit of mine.  Instead, spend an allotted time thinking/praying about them, and move on!  Give those negative thoughts less “air time” in your brain.


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